Glue to use for a label?

2021.09.25 19:59 sephz345 Glue to use for a label?

Real quick, what glue do you guys use to glue a paper label inside the sound hole? (I don’t have hide glue) I went to lengths to get archival paper and ink, I should probably make an effort to use the right glue 😀
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2021.09.25 19:59 CodePhantomYT The PzII Arcade Experience

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2021.09.25 19:59 julian_juarbe Who should I put at Flex?

Other WR are Tyreek Hill and Tyler Lockett
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2021.09.25 19:59 1314ND Ppr redraft trade I’ve had a lot of injuries so only solid depth I have is AB and Sermon

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2021.09.25 19:59 DinoManJurassic The most complicated itasha I've made

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2021.09.25 19:59 Bear1375 I traveled by bus from Kabul to herat in a 20 hour trip, somethings I noticed

I traveled around 25 days ago. 1-Lots of empty bases, like you can see many and some of them are huge too. From outside you can see there was little fighting involved in taking those bases. 2- Zabul has lots of taliban supporters, like you can see their flag and pictures of taliban commanders who were killed in the city. 3- south of Afghanistan is dry as fuck, very little water so less farms there 4-quality of life massively drop when you step foot out of major cities, many places didn’t have electricity or stable water sources 5-lots of solar panels for farms 6-kochis had camels too. 7-lots of exploded bridges 8-the road is somewhat like a train rail. I wish I traveled more to rural Afghanistan other than in Herat, maybe I can one day.
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2021.09.25 19:59 fidesz1999 New Vanilla Real life server stream!

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2021.09.25 19:59 oddjobs4bud How to Customize and Automate Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings.

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2021.09.25 19:59 SticksAndStones3 Had a bad week but the goal is to be able to reset

I had 2 celebration lunches at work and I met my friends for dinner and splurged like crazy. I did eat modest meals otherwise and worked out but I am fairly certain I was way over my budget. Mostly I’ll put on a pound this week but now I can see that in the grand scheme of things it is not a big deal. I can get back to CICO starting today. I had such fun at those meals and I have no regret. Now I feel confident that I can slowly but surely hit my goal weight and maintain.
This content has been said many times here but just wanted to say it again.
To all the people who ate over their calorie limit - it’s a new day and let’s keep at it!
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2021.09.25 19:59 BangaRang92 Every Ty’son post over there

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2021.09.25 19:59 KM-805 Hi

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2021.09.25 19:59 nichijouuuu Looking into late 2021 and beyond

If we take a second to look past the memes that have been everywhere for the Mario movie, which let's be honest is a Nintendo thing and not a Switch thing, the end of this calendar year, 2022, and beyond is looking absolutely amazing for Switch owners. The pipeline of games is strong.
Where I'm maybe a bit nervous, but hopefully, is Nintendo adopting an eShop model similar to Sony & Microsoft, where the next true generation of the Nintendo Switch will provide us access to our back catalog of Switch games. What this ultimately will mean is that we can go back to the beauty of Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, etc., and experience it with enhanced fidelity and performance.
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2021.09.25 19:59 Federal-Comedian1203 No one sends any msg after match.

I recently joined Tinder. I’m matching with many but most of them are not sending me any msgs and those who I sent a msg first are not replying. Just few. Is that common?
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2021.09.25 19:59 demonology26 I can’t see her Snapscore but can still send snaps?

I’ve been snapping this girl for a few days now and suddenly her Snap score disappeared. Usually when this happens I know that I’ve been deleted, but when I send her a snap it says Delivered.
So what’s going on?
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2021.09.25 19:59 Mizzen_Twixietrap Seed phrases. You would be better off making it into a physical thing instead of a text note or a piece of paper.

I've seen a lot of people saying its a good idea to write down your seed phrases on a piece of paper or a text note and store it somewhere secure.
But a piece of paper can get lost in a fire. A text note can get lost due to malfunction in hardware or something else.
I know not everyone has the option to engrave into metal or something like that. But you need to figure out a better solution for storing the phrases.
I made the decision to buy a safelocker, engrave my seed phrases onto some metal pieces I shaped in the form on a creditcard. And stored them in the locker. Ontop of that I dug a deep hole a distant place and placed one half of the seed phrases and a different place for the other half. So in case someone finds one of the halves they can't access it.
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2021.09.25 19:59 lookatmyabsbro Trading 12 fossil eggs and 2 mythic eggs

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2021.09.25 19:59 aflynn73 Someone wondering about this "symbol" on a train

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2021.09.25 19:59 ServiceMyGear For everyone and anyone (with an instrument)

>!NO WRONG ANSWERS < just looking to survey and learn about everyone's needs>!<

  1. If you need repair done on your instrument, what is your go-to method? A.Sending it back to the manufacturer. B. Taking it to a big box store like guitar center, sweetwaters etc. C. Taking it to a local luthier or tech. D. Doing the work yourself
2. Are you comfortable with mailing your instrument to a luthier or tech for servicing it? A. Yes B. No
3. Is it easy to find good local luthiers and techs online? A. Yes B. No
4. What is your most common repair or servicing need?
( ______________Short Answe’re________________ )
5. Ultimately, what sways your decision for where you get your repair or servicing done? A. Convenience. B. Money C. Need for accuracy. D. Learning
Leave your response like this
  1. Fret buzzing
share if you can, the more exposure, the better. Thank you!
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2021.09.25 19:59 The-Techie Deal: Blackstone Buys Condor Hospitality's Hotel Assets For $305M

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2021.09.25 19:59 RobloxExploit Server side script

I want to take trolling to the next level. Anyone know a good server side exactor and when I execute it I will not get kicked?
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2021.09.25 19:59 Skywalker7244 4K - JetBlue NY International Airbus A320 Orlando -Ponce

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2021.09.25 19:59 HalethSonOfHam [Relationship][30M4F] I need a healer

Hey You can call me Hal. I'm 30. i lost my job when pandemic started.shorthly after I lost my closest friend. Nowadays I do freelance programing job. All my world is become this table and dark room. I need a voice . I need a healer.
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2021.09.25 19:59 kingofbutter69 At my wits’ end

Hello fellow insomniacs.
I’m hoping to find someone with any guidance to my predicament.
All the posts I see here are filled with people who seem to be troubled with insomnia caused by racing / uncontrollable thoughts.
I seem to be one of the few affected by “physical” insomnia. What I mean by this is that when I go to bed, I am exhausted, and 3-4 out of 5 nights I fall asleep just fine, but, like clockwork I wake up at 1-2am (I go to bed around 10) and cannot for the life of me fall asleep again. When I wake up, I feel physically stressed - heart is racing/pounding, cortisol elevated…
I stay awake until 7am when I wake up, tossing an turning, in a dream like state.
Ive tried melatonin, magnesium, prescription drugs (zopiclone, mirtazapine), ashwaganda, vitamin D, ginko, CBD, weed…
Ive tried morning exercise, saunas, healthy lifestyle in general…
Nothing works. Nothing.
And when I am laying in bed, whether falling alseep when I go to bed or after waking up at 1am, I am thoughtless, and mentally calm. Doctors are not helpful and I have tried everything I can think of. Heck, I’ve even tried medicating with benzodiazepines and they seem to work somewhat but at ungodly doses.
Exercise and sauna, no matter what time of day, seems to make the problem worse.
This has been going on for the past 3-4 months, and, working a mentally demanding 9-5, I am feeling exhausted, defeated, and completely desperate for help.
Is there anyone out there who has this non psychological insomnia?
I meditate regularly and have developed a very good control on my thoughts and mind. Despite this, my suffering persists..
Any input or help would be tremendously valuable.
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2021.09.25 19:59 audreyngai does he like me or does he not i really need help.

i recently moved from a unisex girls school to a coed school and it’s been about a month and i have a relatively platonic crush on this boy. he seems rly fun and cool and i just want to be closer friends with him. but over the past month, he’s done some very interesting things like when in class we needed a dictionary and he got one for me from the shelf as well, i thought it wasn’t that big of a deal but when i told my friends they said he usually doesn’t help people a lot. he usually talks to other people and he texts other girls (who r new too) but for some reason whenever i text him he just seems so speechless and doesn’t know what to say but when he texts other new girls he barely knows or talks to he just seems to say whatever he wants which made me feel a little uneasy about it. he’s usually rly social with his friends but when hes sitting on the same table as me in class he just doesn’t talk at all, sometimes if his friends are on the same table but he becomes a little more quiet. once i was mocking one of the girls that was obsessed with him cos i got bored in class and sent my friend a message saying “hOw’S mY (his name)😍😍😍” and my friend was in the same classroom as him, she showed him my message- i got so scared and my friend said he blushed. my friend who texted him quite a lot to ask him if he likes me, and he just straightup said “no” and i told my closer friends and they all said he was probably lying. which makes me confused and don’t know what to think.
this guy is one of the most popular guys in my year so i’m scared of how he feels about me because there are many girls who literally obsess over him and literally half of my year have a crush on him. so i’m just rly scared and since i’m new i don’t want ppl to hate me or whatever. i need some help, does anyone have any advice or just things to say about this…
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2021.09.25 19:59 aphreshcarrot [WTS] [US-TX] [H] Moondrop Blessing 2, Schiit Asgard 3 [W] Paypal, Local Cash

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