Nico Nico Marine!

2021.09.25 21:12 _Galakt1c Nico Nico Marine!

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2021.09.25 21:12 moses10960 Apparently he's reporting on fuel shortage

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2021.09.25 21:12 NeopunkJedi A little Vampire I made in time for Halloween

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2021.09.25 21:12 -SunshineRiptide MassivelyOP - "WRUP: The last Guild Wars 2 elite specs for the next expansion edition"

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2021.09.25 21:12 doodydagreat Wanted to play agin

Was about to play again after taking a couple years off since the game had no end of game content at the time.
Noticed I couldn’t log into my old information and turns out they changed publishers and I missed account transfer so I lost everything and everything I purchased with real money.
Welp what a great way to bring back player base. /s
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2021.09.25 21:12 Arixia_ trading NA genshin acc

lf: rhd, high tier halo
ar 55, inazuma unlocked + quests done, statues maxed (except inazuma)
5 stars: raiden, keqing, eula, ayaka, venti, mona c1
all 4 stars
no 5 star weapons
4 star weapons: snow-tombed sliver, stringless, sac claymore, prototype archiac r2, widsith, dodoco tales, dragon's bane, etc
guaranteed pity on limited banner
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2021.09.25 21:12 kumbidivish I found these on my back any idea what it is?

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2021.09.25 21:12 jmillancho 1 Terrace 3 ticket for 50% retail $70. Hollywood Bowl

I was going on my own but a friend wants to tag along so I had to buy two tickets in another section. Pm me if you’re interested
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2021.09.25 21:12 FoxAlistair Season 2 canon choices

Continuing on with my canon choices series (or at least what I believe are the canon choices). Now onto Season 2

Season 1 + 400 Days:

Episode 1 -
Clementine tries to save Christa (she's the only friend Clem has left, why would she not?"
Clementine puts Sam the dog out of his misery (She's still got a little of her Season 1 self left in her and after putting down Lee who was suffering, she knows this is the right thing to do)
Clementine forgives Nick (Nick reminded her of Kenny, plus he hasn't done a whole lot to her yet, so she'll just do the right thing for now)
Clementine gives water to the dying man (Like I said, she's still got a little of her Season 1 self left in her, so she wants to do the right thing here)
Clementine goes with Nick (Pete dies no matter what, and Nick blames Clementine for it, which will build up to a choice that's made in episode 2)

Episode 2 -
Clementine blames Carlos for the picture (This dude lied about not being able to tell a zombie bite from a dog bite and has overall just treated Clem like shit since she met the cabin group. So she's done putting up with that shit)
Clementine sits with Luke at dinner (She barely had any interactions with Kenny in Season 1, but she just had a whole scene bonding with Luke back in episode 1 as well as fighting zombies alongside him across the bridge in episode 2 before Nick almost shoots both of them)
Clementine tells Walter the truth (She's still a good little girl and knows that Walter deserves to know the truth about what happened)
Walter lets Nick die (Nick is useless after episode 2 and it makes sense for Clementine to tell Walter that Nick isn't a good person as he has now shot at her twice, blamed her for Pete's death, carelessly gotten drunk in the worst case scenario, and lied to Walter about Matthew)
Clementine, Rebecca, and Alvin surrender themselves to Carver (Gives the audience an opportunity to really see the action up close. It's also more like younger Clem to not want anyone to get hurt)
Alvin lives past episode 2 (It's a MUCH more graceful exit for Alvin to die protecting Clem from a gunman rather than just getting mowed down by Carver)

Episode 3 -
Clementine helps Sarah with her work (Another moment where the little bit of Season 1 Clem left comes into play and she does what she thinks is right and helps her friend)
Clementine tells Bonnie about Luke (Since Bonnie was a playable character in 400 Days, Telltale's intention was probably for her and Clem to bond a little bit, so a start to that is trust)
Clementine tries to tell Carver that she has the radio (It's exactly like younger Clem to be selfless, and it's exactly like Kenny to take the blame for someone he cares about)
Clementine watches Kenny kill Carver (This is meant to be an event that changes Clementine, not to mention how the "leave with Sarita" option is in the place where the silent option usually is. It was absolutely Telltale's intention for her to watch Kenny go full out Negan mode on Carver)
Clementine chops off Sarita's arm (After seeing how Lee cut his arm off back in Season 1, she wants to try it again to hopefully buy Sarita time. This also gives Kenny a reason to be pissed at Clem as Sarita dies no matter what)

Episode 4 -
Clementine saves Sarah at the trailer park (It makes more sense for Jane to leave the group right after Sarah dies rather than a little while after Sarah dies. That's pretty much just it though)
Clementine and Jane rob Arvo (This gives Arvo a reason to send the Russian mercenaries after the group and a valid reason to hate Clementine other than his sister's death, which isn't even a valid reason in the first place)
Bonnie reaches through the booth window to unlock the door (Because it's time the adults started doing shit in this season. Even if Bonnie gets her face injury by doing this, she still does something all adults should do with kids around, and that's take all the risks)
Clementine holds baby AJ (This baby and Clem have the best relationship ever in Season 4, of course Clem is going to have a bonding moment with it)
Clementine shoots zombified Rebecca (Clem is willing to do whatever it takes to keep baby AJ alive, even if that means shooting his zombified mother when she has multiple guns pointing at her)

Episode 5 -
Clementine saves baby AJ before taking cover with Luke (Like I said, Clem is willing to do whatever it takes to keep baby AJ alive. So she runs out into the middle of gunfire to save his life, risking her own life in the process)
Clementine tries to help Luke (Clem is still young and doesn't understand what'll happen if she goes to help him and also because she trusted the wrong person [cough cough, by which I mean Bonnie])
Clementine asks to leave with Mike, Bonnie, and Arvo (Once again, Clem is still too young to fully understand the situation in front of her, and I don't know about you, but when I was a little kid I was horrified of getting abandoned by adults I trusted, sooooooo...yeaaaaaa...)
Clementine shoots Kenny (Kenny was never supposed to live past Season 2 and now he's done way too many questionable things and is now about to kill Jane, someone who Clem bonded with a whole bunch in the last 3 episodes. So since she doesn't know what Jane has done, she saves her)
Clementine is alone with baby AJ (She's gone through far too much bullshit with everyone else in her previous group, and Jane tricking her into killing Kenny was the last straw. She figures now it's time for her to make her own decisions and raise AJ her way. This also makes sense for Clem being battle-hardened in Season 3 later on as she's been alone for years and gets by without trust)

What do you think?
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2021.09.25 21:12 tdmurlock features you'd like to see in future updates? (other than arranger mode, lol)

would personally love to see an organ plugin. feel like using the touch screen to manipulate drawbars would be extremely satisfying.
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2021.09.25 21:12 pooeater999 Wtf is the name of this

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2021.09.25 21:12 Sad-Distribution-779 Hypothetically let's say Doc Ock/ Otto Octavuis does the same boat social experiment that Joker does in TDK. Do you think Spiderman would interfere or would he wait to see what choice the people on the boat make if any ?

Would Peter have faith in his fellow new yorkers to make the right responsible decision without him doing anything ?
Would Peter be overcome with curiosity on what choice the people on the boat make and decide to wait and see if the New Yoker are worth savin everyday of his life ?
Would he want the citizens to blow up the criminals sky high to save the innocent people on there boat since his no kill rule can be out aside for greater good since he's not insane?
Would he try to interfere and if so how would he go about it ?
Overall how Would Peter ParkeSpiderman deal with this specific situation ?
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2021.09.25 21:12 stankmanly Dressy Bessy - Side 2

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2021.09.25 21:12 Millerized Not jelly doughnuts (Pulled pork and pickled plumb Onigiri)

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2021.09.25 21:12 mohung Wallet stolen, help a brother out

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2021.09.25 21:12 JG-Music This is my fingerstyle cover of Let it be by The Beatles.

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2021.09.25 21:12 Savor_Serendipity Tooth sensitivity 2 months after root canal

So I had a root canal done on a molar 2 months ago, by an endodontist who used a microscope. All went well and the excruciating pain went away immediately after. There was some gum sensitivity that went away after a week or two.
About 4 weeks later, I felt slight pain while lying down in bed. It went away in a few minutes and didn’t come back.
However, the tooth now seems to be sensitive to a certain kind of pressure. When I apply pressure with my teeth in a certain kind of way, or when I press on the tooth from both sides with my fingers, I feel a very very slight pain, really subtle, like a 0.5/10, so it’s more like a sensitivity. I worried it might have been a tooth crack but it wasn’t that sharp kind of pain, and I feel no pain while chewing on the tooth.
It has been like this for a month now. I’m worried this might be a reinfection. The endo who did the RCT seemed very competent so this is really disappointing that the tooth is not ok.
I had another root canal years ago and they left CA hydroxide for two weeks in the canals to clear all the infection. I’m thinking of asking for that if indeed the tooth is infected.
What are your thoughts?
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2021.09.25 21:12 Enerology [Close Combat Healer] - Chapter 1-8

Chapter 1:
A leader of a deviant group of kids punches Ace in the stomach which causes his legs to buckle from the pain as the bully proclaims pridefully “See what did I tell you, healers are weak. Look at him with no abilities to protect himself. He can’t even get back up”. Ace pulls himself back to his feet in defiance of those discriminatory words as he struggles to say “You have no right to say that. We are...”. The leader, now enraged at the boy for resisting the mockery, taunts “are what... Weak? Helpless? Quite presumptuous even thinking you have a right to talk back to a berserker class. If you think you are so strong, come here and show me… Put me in my place with that class of yours.”. After some time passes he cockily looks towards his buddies and remarks “See what a pathetic...”. As Jet was looking away, he slams his fist into Jet’s jaw while he was distracted. Jet stumbles back slightly dazed as he wipes the blood dripping from his mouth and mutters “You are going to regret that”. Jet’s friends surround him to prevent him from fleeing while Jet slowly walks towards him angrily stating “This... this is the power difference between a healer and a berserker.”. Jet closes the distance before Ace can react and starts wailing on him with a fiery of blows with each successive hit increasing in power and velocity as he screams “Healers are powerless without us, the weakest class of them all.”. With each taunt and blow, Ace feels more and more worthless being born with a useless class with no way to protect himself or others. The continuous onslaught of unrelenting blows that is preventing him from falling to the ground is finally alleviated as he collapses to the floor, bleeding profusely from all the attacks that broke bones and perforated skin. Jet goes to stomp on him in a murderous frenzy but is interrupted by his friend catching his arm remorsefully but boldly stating “I think that's enough”. Jet looks at the pulp of flesh laying on the ground that can’t even be recognized as human as he states “He’ll be fine, he’s a healer after all.”. He lays on the floor curled in a pool of his own blood completely broken mentally and physically from the assault unable to move while he slowly heals himself thinking “Why… why do they hate us” as blood pours down the side of his face contrasting with his jet black hair. His sky-colored eyes seemed to dim as he accepted his fate of always being treated with disdain for being a healer, but pauses at the idea and scorns the world and gods for the unjust nature of reality as a spark is ignited in him as he angrily and ambitiously internally states to the world “I’ll show them… I’ll show them all what healers are capable of”.
Chapter 2:
He arrives home after healing all the lacerations and washing the iron-reeking blood out of his clothes. He steps through the front door of a small wooden shack located in the low-class region of the city with immense self-righteous anger and ambition but is instantly calmed by the sight of his mother’s soft smile as he steps through the front door of a candle-lit room. He questions how she can be content with all the resentment this land holds against healers such as herself as he thinks to himself “Every step of the way, I never noticed her not smiling, even after father died, there it was, not shaken for a second.”. She catches sight of her precious son walking through the door as she says “There’s my little hero” turning her head to look at him as her golden blonde hair sways and caring blue eyes reflecting his shimmer brilliantly in the candlelight. After all the torment he went through today, he is happy to see her as she feels the same way about him. She optimistically questions “Did you have a good day?”. His heart skips a beat as he doesn’t want her to find out the atrocity that transpired today as he nods, not able to bring himself to verbally lie. His anger starts to swell again then softly questions her with “How can you be so happy with the way healers are treated?”. She looks puzzled by the unanticipated question but responds with “Well it's quite easy, as long as I have you… This world feels perfect to me.”. Her delicate and genuine voice soothes his anger even more as his conviction to change the world softens. He smiles as the mental wounds inflicted earlier were completely nullified by that statement alone. She happily says “There’s the smile I was looking for” while patting his head. He thinks to himself while being comforted by her hand “This… this is nice. Even if the whole world turns against us... as long as we have each other… everything will be ok”. She interrupts the moment by saying “Have you been practicing your healing?”. He responds excitedly and proudly “Of course!”. She pushingly says “Then show me what you got”. He stands back and his smile fades as he is focusing to the best of his ability to draw the lifeforce from his surroundings and condense it between both his hands. A slight breeze forms as green wisps of energy form around his arms and slowly moves down to between both his hands. He then starts to pull his two palms apart with some effort as green streamers of light are bouncing back and forth between his palms. He manages to pull his hands completely apart and the green wisps start orbiting the surface of each hand as the green haze lights up the room while simultaneously looking up with his radiant cyan eyes looking for approval. She remarks in amazement “Impressive, looks like you have been practicing”. He proudly smiles within his mother’s praise as he lets the energy fields in his palms collapse as his eyes dim. She affirms his abilities with “Your father would be proud of the man you are growing into”. He proudly throws his shoulders back and stands firm, picturing himself as a tall and strong paladin wielding a large crimson-red sword and large scarlet trimmed charcoal-colored armor just like his father. She says gently “It looks like he is standing right before my eyes”. She exhaustedly follows up the declaration with “Go get some rest, I have some bread for you to deliver tomorrow”. He responds to the directive respectfully with “Yes, ma’am“ and he runs upstairs. She giggles as she thinks to herself “Such a formal boy, just like his father”. He enters his attic room still having the unwarranted justice to rectify the overlooked wrongs done to both his parents as he sits down on the worn wooden floor and starts channeling the lifeforce around his body as he thinks “For my family’s legacy, I will show healers are on par with any of the other classes”. After practicing for hours using his mana to channel lifeforce, he collapses from exhaustion.
Chapter 3:
He wakes on the floor to an early afternoon god beam’s warmth slicing through a window bringing him into consciousness. He feels the responsibility that the day brings and pulls himself to a standing position with excitement as he can’t wait to see the inner city of Aerilon. He walks downstairs calling for his mother, but there is no response. He makes it to the main floor as he notices she already left for her job at the Hunter’s Guild’s healing clinic. He looks around and sees a note that reads “The usual routes today, couple extra in the bag”. He turns left to see a large bag stuffed with freshly baked bread as he mournfully thinks “She didn’t sleep at all last night as she was baking bread for me to sell in the morning. I hate that she is pushing herself so hard.”. He pauses and follows the statement with “I’ll be a son she deserves.” as he throws the sack of bread over his shoulder and leaves for the inner city. He looks around still in the outer city seeing the power and wealth disparities between the upper and lower classes shown by the rundown wooden houses with thin civilians about trying their best just trying to survive as he thinks to himself “It’s just so unfair. The powerful classes get everything handed to them as they get the best jobs as hunters, and the rest of us… the powerless… get left behind.”. He stops at the massive gate that separates the inner and outer city as he takes a deep breath to mentally prepare himself for the change in environment. He steps through not able to see anything at first as all the light bouncing off all the white, industrialized buildings hazes his vision. His eyes adjust to see the place bustling with merchants trying to attract customers with all the rare artifacts found in the city's dungeon as people litter the streets in need to be somewhere in a hurry. In the distance, at the center of all the attention, an intimidating tower sits scraping the clouds, the lifeline of the entire city, where hunters make their living slaying monsters. This dungeon is one of many that litter the continent. He sees one merchant out of the corner of his eye and runs over to him as he throws the bread off his shoulder while saying “Here mister, the usual?”. The merchant responds with “There you are Ace. Yes, the usual.”. Ace hands him two loaves of bread as he says “thank you.”. He is handed some copper coins and pockets them as the merchant responds “Anything for such a kind kid as yourself.”. Ace takes off again to the other locations where he usually sells bread while admiring the liveliness of the city. On his way from his last location, he bumps into the magic sword guild’s master’s daughter and best friend, Ava. She notices him and easily tempers as the tips of her deep red hair start to flow slightly upwards like flames when she exclaims “Where were you yesterday. We had plans to visit the dungeon. Alex and I were...”. He bows 90 degrees and apologetically states “Something important occurred and couldn’t ma...”. Her eyes burn now smoldered with rage as she realizes what happened as she interjects “It was those smug brats again, wasn’t it. When I find them...”. She gestures out her hand as it bursts into flames and she continues ” I will inciner...”. He interrupts her plot of vengeance as he says “They were right though, healers are the weakest of them all''. She looks at him as her fiery eyes dwindle into sorrow and hair settles as she sees his own faith in his class crushed. She tries to reaffirm him with “No, healers may not be strong in combat, but they are important nonetheless. Look at your mother, she helps people every day.”. She, after awkward silence of not knowing what to do, boldly states “Stop moping, Alex is waiting for us”. He pauses at the statement, then questions “for what...” as she grabs his hand and pulls him towards the city’s dungeon in the distance.
Chapter 4:
As they run to the dungeon, the power difference becomes even more apparent as he can barely keep up with her casual jogging. They arrive at the entrance of the dungeon that towers impossible high in the sky as Alex the paladin calls them over as the sun reflects off of his minimalist bright silver paladin armor. He follows up the comment with a bright smile and puts his hand behind his head filled with luscious semi-short blond hair and matching emerald-colored eyes as he says “You guys ready, my dad gave me a map to the first level. The level stretches farther than this entire city, but as long as we have this map, we will be perfectly fine”. Ace questions hesitantly “Are you sure it's ok if I come with you guys?”. The paladin reaffirms Ace with a charismatic tone “Don’t worry you are plenty strong to handle the first level plus your healing is perfect for our dynamic trio.”. Ace thinks to himself “He always knows what to say to make me feel better. You know what, this is my chance to prove that healers can be just as strong as the other high-tier classes”. Ace’s expression changes from hesitancy to determination from the realization. Alex notices his mood change and interjects “Then let's get going”. They start down the large staircase made of stone that plunges incomprehensibly deep into the darkness. On their way down, Ava asks in wonder “How far do you think this dungeon protrudes underground?”. Alex responds quickly with “The distance between each floor is around 68 to 152 meters and the furthest depth this dungeon has been explored to is the 27th floor, but for all we know it may go down hundreds of levels”. She does some calculations and is in awe as she realizes this dungeon is impossibly larger than the city as she follows up the question with another “Who would’ve made something like this?”. He responds quickly again with “Some say the gods created them while others say they predate human existence and might just be intrinsic to the earth itself or in my humble opinion, it may be a trial of sorts”. He pauses, then follows up the explanation with “My guild has put a lot of effort into finding the reason for their existence with no avail.”. As they approach the bottom of the steps, the walls turn from chiseled stone to rock as the passageway opens up into a large cave system with glowing blue crystals protruding from the walls of the cavern with a light blue hue. Ace is in awe as this is his first time being down here as he states with wonder in his voice “It's beautiful.”. Alex responds with “Yeah, those blue crystals in the walls are called light stones. They use ambient mana to stay lit, but If you think that's cool, wait until you see the architectures of the other levels.”. Alex is examining the map while Ava is carelessly playing with fire between her hands as he thinks to himself “How can they be this calm with monsters lurking about”. Ava sees the slight worry in Ace’s eyes as she exclaims “There is nothing to worry about. The dungeon monsters on this level are complete pushovers.”. Alex starts walking forward while still looking at the map saying “Let’s head this way. There are some spots that I have not explored yet on this map.”. The other two follow pursuit as they walk down a more narrow passage they hear some scuttling of creatures up ahead. Alex states “Ok, just up this way is a large monster den. Ava and I will handle it while you stay back.”. Ava holds out her hand and chants “Come forth, eternal flame” as a sword of pure fire and energy is summoned into existence in the palm of her hand. Alex puts on his helmet and says to Ava “I’ll run in and absorb the attacks while you flank their backline”. Alex prays under his breath “God, may you bless this shield” as he says this, the large cut emerald on the front of his shield starts to glow and emit a magic bright green barrier on the edge that increases the size of protection the shield can cover. She nods as they walk into the den of monsters. Ace is reaffirming to himself as his friends walk into battle “It’s probably better I sit this one out.”. The goblins notice the hunters walk in as they screech to arms. They charge at the paladin as he braces the assault with his shield as he yells “Now!”. At that moment, Ava explodes off the ground into the air in a ginormous firestorm as her sword tears through the air leaving a trail of embers in its wake. She hits the ground with an enormous force that sends a shockwave of fire out as she horizontally slashes her sword releasing an inferno blaze through the horde of goblins attacking Alex, vaporizing them in an instant. Alex dashes through the flames and slams into a set of them as he shields Ava from a volley of arrows shot from a set of goblins on a ridge. In an opening of the volley, he points his sword and shouts “Holy Strike!” as a beam of light leaves his sword and impacts the swarm of archer goblins. Ava launches out from behind him and finishes off the rest of the goblins. They congratulate each other with fist bumps as Ace is stunned in awe at how much synergy and raw power they have together while he looks down at his hands with healing energy orbiting in them as he thinks “I.. I wanted to be a hunter like them, but… I can’t even imagine reaching those levels...”. His thought is interrupted by a plea from Ava “Let’s get going, where is the next one?”. Alex starts walking down an opening under the ridge that is still smoldering from his assault while saying “This way should be another den.”. Ace catches up to them as Ava is anxiously waiting to use her magic sword abilities again as she says to Alex “That was probably our best clear times yet.”. After each flawless clear from his friends, he feels more and more proud of them and ashamed of himself at the same time for being weak with no ability to participate. They end the day back at the entrance of the dungeon when Ava states “That was fun we should do that again tomorrow!”. Alex follows up her request with “Same time?”. They notice anguish in Ace’s eyes, but before they can react, Ace bolts off through the city back to his home thinking to himself “Dammit, why did I have to be a healer, any other class… I could… I would be a powerful hunter just like them and my mom wouldn't have to sell bread just to survive.”.
Chapter 5:
Ace arrives home with his mom sitting next to an elongated box on the table as she has been waiting for him to return. She says “Welcome back my little hero.”. Her voice, once again, soothes the woes of the day as his mood is slightly lifted. She follows up the invitation with “One of my friends told me you went into the dungeon today. Come sit, I need to talk to you.”. He anxiously sits at the kitchen table as she continues with a question “Do you want to be a Hunter?”. He hesitantly answers “Yes but, I am not str...”. He is interrupted by her with “So was your father.”. He questions pridefully “My father? He was one of the strongest paladins of this world. How can you...”. She interjects again “Yes, he was the strongest, but it wasn’t always like that. He was born a paladin, but with no innate combat talent. For lack of better words, he was the weakest hero, but that didn’t stop his perseverance to become stronger by training what he could improve. Over time, he became skilled enough to take on any other high-class hero that superseded him in power through wits alone. Basically, he didn’t let the class he was born into define him and you shouldn’t either”. She slides the slender dark cherry wood box embossed with a golden griffin on its cover towards Ace. He opens it to see a beautifully crafted golden hilted dagger with the inscription on its hilt “Disce pati. (learn to endure in Latin)”. He pauses in disbelief as he stutters to say “This… this is...”. She intervenes “Your father’s starting weapon, a dagger.”. She follows up with “If you want to be a hunter, you’ll need a weapon. The adversities of this world are to be conquered through wit, not innate abilities.”. He bolts forward from his chair and hugs her as he is thinking “That's exactly what I needed to hear” as he says “thank you… thank you for everything you do.”. She happily smiles at being able to help her son as she says “Anything for my most precious hero.”. He says to her “I… I don’t know if I can live up to your good grace, but I...” before he can finish his praise, the front door is kicked in with a thunderous crash as the latch bursts into splinters. Mercenaries storm into the house with intent to harm. The mother stands up to put distance between her son and the mercenaries as she says “Who are...” before she could finish, she is slapped with superhuman force throwing her backwards onto the floor. Ace sees this and grows into a rage as he grabs the dagger from the table and charges the man for the unforgivable sin he has just committed. The man with a scar across his left eye sneers “Foolish boy, what does a healer plan to do against a brawler class” as he kicks Ace in the left side with enough force to shatter his rib cage and throws him into the wall breaking his upper spine completely paralyzing his body. He sits there helplessly seeing his mother, not able to move to help as the men approach her while saying “We were going to torture the boy and you, but it looks like he couldn’t even handle a single kick, that just leaves you… To think that after all these years we found his precious little family and it was all thanks to the boy” as he raises his foot and stomps on her leg shattering it. Knowing that her son is still alive by the lifeforce essence surrounding him she muffles a scream trying to not mentally scar him from what's about to occur before his eyes. With a strained smile on her face, she is repeatedly tortured as the mercenary leader yells “I told that f*cking paladin I would keep my promise.”. Ace’s sanity is chipped from every attack as he mentally helplessly screams in agony not able to do anything. In despair, he tries everything in his power to heal his spine to protect her, but it’s not enough. The mercenaries get bored as the fun from causing the paladin’s family suffering wears off. The leader takes his comrade’s sword and holds it above her preparing to give the final blow. She looks over to her son and says hopefully “It’s going to be ok… My little hero...” as she is stabbed through the chest barely able to finish the sentence. Ace’s sanity shatters as his pleas to the gods to save her fall onto deaf ears as his spirit dwindles. The mercenaries start casually chatting “What a b*tch smiling the whole time like she was taunting us” followed by another “Serves that paladin right.” another responds “That’s what happens when you humiliate the berserker guild”. A mercenary in the back responds “Look at this dagger, it will sell for a fortune!”. He is overhearing the casual conversation completely furious about what they have done with no remorse. The leader says “Uncast the sound-dampening spell, and let’s get going before day breaks.”. The mercenaries leave and at that moment, his hope is restored as he sees some wisps of lifeforce still around her as he exclaims in determination “I can still save her”. He forces all his healing energy into his spine and finally gains use of his arms. He pulls himself across the floor leaving a trail of blood in an attempt to reach his mother in time before her life force completely dissipates. He makes it to her and starts healing with all his might, but it’s not enough as he watches the reflection in her eyes fade and the last wisp of lifeforce disintegrate, she dies. In denial, he casts the healing spell over and over as tears roll off his face as he pleas with her “Please... please don’t go.”. After hours and hours of healing pushing his mana reserves to their limits in an attempt to revive her. He collapses on top of her from mana exhaustion, completely broken and alone.
Chapter 6:
Ava is walking anxiously down the street in the early afternoon as she is planning on bringing Ace’s bread pack to his house as an excuse to apologize for being inconsiderate yesterday at the dungeon. She approaches the house as she prepares herself for the confrontation. She knocks on the door as she loudly exclaims “Ace! I brought your bread pack”. The door creeks open as it reveals the visceral sight that plagues the room. The specular reflection in her eyes matte over terror as she sees her best friend and his mother lifelessly lying mutilated on the floor with blood splattered across the entire room. Struggling to breathe from the smell of blood filling her lungs as she enters to check if they are alive still in denial that they could actually be dead. A single tear rolls down her face as her mind refuses to comprehend the sight while her footsteps patter through the blood-coated ground as she walks towards them. She leans down checking his mom for a pulse first but is met with lifeless ice-cold skin. With hesitation and fear of reality, she checks for his pulse fearing what she knows to be true. He feels cold with no pulse at first, but at that moment, she feels the soft pattering of his struggling heart trying to keep him alive. Her eyes’ reflection snaps back into existence at the realization that he is barely still alive. She picks him up with haste as she bolts out of the house towards her guild building where she knows a well-trained medical team is on standby. She makes it to the entrance of the guild building as she crumbles to the ground from her muscles giving out from overexertion as she pleads “Please... save him.” to the staff storming the hall from the commotion while she despairs that it might already be too late. After being in a deep sleep for a couple of days, he walks up to the comforts of a luxurious bed in a high-class room draped with silky red and gold upholstery. He feels a strong gripping pressure on his hand as he looks over to see Ava sitting on a chair, hunched over the bed sleeping, holding his hand. He sees behind her in the back, Alex, sitting on the floor resting against a dresser, with his arms resting on his knees while his head is using his arms for support as he dozes. He goes to pull his hand from the unrelenting grip, but she instantly notices the slight movement and wakes up compulsively checking if he’s awake. Her eyes flash with radiant disbelief as her worry disintegrates as she exclaims “You… you're awake...”. He is confused at first as he tries to remember what happened and why he is here as he sees memories of the dungeon as he thinks “Did I pass out at the dungeon?”, but his recollection of the transpired events starts to become fully vivid. His eyes swell with pain and sorrow as his memories expose the mercenaries, his, his failure to his consciousness, but he feels like his mind is suppressing a part of the memory as if it doesn’t want to realize reality. He forces the memory to the surface as the sharp stabbing pain in his chest becomes unbearable while the contents of the memory solidify. Still in denial that what he just witnessed was just a dream, he starts to get up as he says “I’m going to go see my mother.”, but as he goes to get up, he sees the pain swell in her eyes while she resists his action as if she already knows the answer his mind refuses to believe. His eyes glaze over as he accepts the events he saw as the feeling in his chest is a hole where his feelings of worth and self have been brutally torn out. He falls back down back to his pillow staring up at the ceiling completely numb to any emotion that he should feel. Alex wakes up from the sound and walks over as she tries to figure out what to say, but his soulless eyes strip away any consolidating words she can muster. Alex approaches the bed to see his friend completely broken. He goes to comfort him with some words but is interrupted by the master of the guild walking in stating in bold words “Leave the room, I need to talk to Ace alone.”. They leave looking back at their friend as they shut the door behind them.
Chapter 7:
He unremorsefully questions the boy with “Who did this to you?”. The boy was still silent almost as if he didn’t hear a thing the man said. He pauses for a moment as he ponders what to say and then states “Your mother is dead and there’s nothing you can do to change that, but there is something you can still do for her.”. His voice still falling on the boy’s blank stare at the ceiling as he continues “You can still live up to the person she wanted you to be. You must learn to endure...”. Ace’s eyes flash with a reflection as his mind echoes the phrase “learn to endure...” as the rest of the statement trails off. The master decides to give him more time and goes to leave, as he starts towards the door, he hears the boy emotionlessly state “It was a group of mercenaries… They tortured my mother then killed her.”. He pauses still facing away from the boy questioning “who were they?”. The boy starts off by saying “He had short, pitch-black hair with a scar on his left eye.”. The guild master is stunned by the statement as he knows that was the description of one of the top hunters in the brawler guild. Knowing he can’t act on this information alone as any accusation against another guild’s members without evidence is an act of war. He follows up the boy’s description with “boy, what you have told me stays in this room.”. The master walks out of the room and closes the door behind him while both Alex and Ava were just outside the door waiting for him. He sees them and preemptively responds “He’ll come out when he is ready. Just be careful, he might not be the kind boy you once knew” as he walks past them without looking at them suppressing his raging anger at the atrocity the brawlers guild committed. Ace’s emotions start to come back one by one as each one impales his mind with pain beyond recognition, but with each assault, his mind echoes “Learn to endure.”. He scorns himself completely distraught “Why… why couldn’t I save her? My class wasn’t… I wasn’t strong enough to stop him or heal her. Am… Am I truly powerless to change anything”. He replays the event over and over as his mind mocks his incapability to stop the tragedy. He thinks to himself “If I was stronger, I could have… I would have been able to protect her.”. His despair turns to anger, then rage as he vividly sees her murderer’s face, his mind fills with revenge while thinking to himself “Never again, never again will I not be strong enough.”. He gets out of bed and leaps from the second-story building. The impact sends dust into the air as he looks up at the dungeon in determination, muttering to himself over and over “Never again.”. He gets up as he starts walking towards the dungeon but is stopped by a booming voice behind him ”Does it frustrate you kid to be the weakest one?”. He turns around with anger and anguish duetting in his eyes to see the magic sword master towering over him as he follows up the question “Hold onto that feeling. That feeling is a sign you haven’t given up on yourself.”. He tosses down a magic dagger in front of the boy and walks away back into the guild building. Dusk settles in as he approaches the entrance to the dungeon. He begins to head down the stairs as he hears “Ace, wait!”. Both Ava and Alex run up the stairs to help him, but he turns away from them saying “Please, I need to do this alone.”. He descends down the steps leaving both his friends at the entrance.
Chapter 8: He walks down the worn stone steps as his pitful brain reverberates “It was your fault she died… You led them straight to her. If you were really the courageous healer she thought you were, you would have been able to heal that wound. Your failure to save her is this world’s conviction against healers. Your father would be ashamed to have a pathetic son like you, an embarrassment to their names.”. Each confession of his guilt latches onto his soul like leeches, draining every drop of contentment with the world and his kind heart. As he approaches the entrance of the first floor, the once fearful boy is now filled with vengeful ambition to grow strong enough to avenge his mother’s unjust death and change the ideals of the prejudiced world. He walks down the same tunnel that he took with his friends leading to the monster den. The hate in his heart, not sure if it's directed at the world, the monsters, or himself, he runs in with his dagger drawn. He dashes towards the nearest goblin but his momentum is deflected as he tumbles to the side catching himself as he comes to a stop thinking to himself even angrier than before “F*ck the ideals of this world, never again will I not be strong enough.”. He is hacking and slashing the monsters of the dungeon taking seriously grave injuries, but enduring the pain as he heals them just as quickly as they are inflicted. As his battle for self-realization continues, the master of the magic sword guild is looking out from his chamber towards the dungeon thinking “That boy is special. With the determination to become a hero the world truly desires, being a healer no less. To think he would have inherited his father’s only skill “The will of a hero.”.”. To be continued...
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2021.09.25 21:12 Except-Tents Is it bad to not use the emergency/parking brake?

I know that I should use the handbrake when I park on a hill and angle my wheels into the curb. However, does it matter if I don't use it when I park on level on level or almost level ground? I think I've heard that it can be bad on your cars transmission if you don't, but I'm not sure how true that is. If you car rolls back slightly (say a few inches) after putting it in park and taking the foot off the brake, does that damage the transmission?
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