Thema der Woche: Filme, die euer Leben geprägt haben

2021.10.27 12:10 MonsieurBlutbad Thema der Woche: Filme, die euer Leben geprägt haben

Es gibt Filme, die Spuren in uns hinterlassen, die uns oder unseren Blick auf die Welt für immer verändern. Filme, ohne die wir nicht wären, wer wir heute sind. Welche Filme sind das für euch? Welche Filme haben euer Leben geprägt?
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2021.10.27 12:10 Mxxgot Who’s this? Wrong answers only!

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2021.10.27 12:10 Affectionate-Year946 I left town for a few days now I feel like everyone and their dog has QR7. I still can't nail down a location worth a tank of gas with the 12 words.

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2021.10.27 12:10 Richy_777 I feel trapped and useless

I live in Australia, where we are unable to go to any "nonessential" stores unless we are vaccinated. It has been 18 months now of restrictions, lockdowns, stress, and anger. I want to mention that I hate change, and am still in denial and wanting things to go back to normal after nearly 2 years.
Even though I disagree with how the government is coercing people into making a medical decision I have my first dose of the vaccine, my second dose is not due till a week and a half. I don't think I can last another day, I have so much stuff I want to do and feel trapped. Covid as taken away everything I enjoy doing one way or another, whether it is stuff I am physically not allowed to do or stuff that I have lost ALL motivation for (including my semi-successful youtube channel).
Overall I feel overwhelmingly bored and depressed, I haven't felt content in a long time.
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2021.10.27 12:10 haber-trend Sıcak! | Yarın PTT kargo açık mı? 28 Ekim Perşembe PTT kargo açık mı, çalışıyor mu? #29EkimCumhuriyetBayramı #PTT son saatin en çok aranan 10. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 11 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2021.10.27 12:10 mikekn Trying to spring ourselves from quarantine (legally..)

Hey y'all - we are currently sitting in quarantine because my daughter (first year at gymi) tested *very slightly* positive for COVID in a PCR test taken on Friday. Two other tests that week were negative, and two more tests (all with allesgurgelt) since have also been negative. To illustrate just how close to negative the one "positive" was -- the Ct was 39.4, so flourescing viral material was only detected after 39 PCR cycles. Given that the test does 40, that's incredibly bad luck, and most properly positive results are Ct<30. So this test.
Given all this and the fact that we know enough scientists, we don't think we should actually be in quarantine, but of course we can't just think "screw it" and jump in the car because a) we'd get in trouble if anything bad happened, b) we'd think anyone else who did that was an idiot, and c) as foreigners the consequences of even minor legal trouble are much more severe especially because d) thanks to Brexit we're now third party nationals :)
All we have so far is the verbal instruction to quarantine - not a written Bescheid - and while we've spoken to the contact tracing people (who are helpful) and I sent it an email with the test results requesting that an Epidemiearzt review the quarantine and lift it yesterday actually getting a *response* seems to be taking forever. We poked them again today and got told that well, it's probably being dealt with but if we don't get an answer before tomorrow we should call or email again.
This is deeply frustrating as we had intended to get away for the Herbstferien -- it could still be rescued but the longer we go without a response the less time we'll have. And if they explain that "no, you still need to quarantine and here's why" that's fine too. I just need someone to review it and make a medical decision.
Has anyone else been in this position? I've phoned everyone I could trying to get an answer, and the response has always been "it looks likely that the quarantine could be lifted, but I'm not an Amtsarzt and only an Amtsarzt can make that decision and...". I guess that this being Austria what would help most would be having the right connections at MA15 because someone who works there has a father who did military service with a friend of one of my work colleagues or something, but alas, being scummy Ausländer we don't have such resources.
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2021.10.27 12:10 Set1Less Decriminalize Personal Consumption Of Small Scale Drugs, Declare Certain NDPS Sections Unconstitutional, Authorities Overstepping Purpose of Act Arresting Small Scale Users Instead of Reforming Them: Plea In Supreme Court

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2021.10.27 12:10 depaul9 Did you have those weird fantasies before porn?

Porn is something that has deep long side effects on personality.
If you look at porn categories, you'll see all kind of bizarre aberrant sexual intercourses : Gangbang, Incest, Rape...
Did men have those 'fantasies' before knowing porn ?
I remember before porn, I was in college. my biggest excitement was to make love with my ex girlfriend, just normal sex and it was very good and lasted much longer.
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2021.10.27 12:10 shadedren [WTS] [USA-FL] [H] TH-900 [W] PayPal, Closed back/Open back

Looking to trade my TH-900 MK1 or outright sell. Looking to trade for closed back headphone within the $500-600 range or specifically the LSA Hp-2 Ultra or Outright sell for $725 shipped. main reason for wanting closed back is that my fiancée watches T.V in the same room I listen to music/play games and I get all the sound coming though with open backs. Now I’m not opposed to Open-back but the only ones I’m considering at this time are the HD800, Hifiman Edition X, Clear or Clear Pro.
I discovered a scratch on one of the ear-cups. Trying to be as transparent as possible. Another note is that the headphone cable is modded to be shorter and terminate in XLR as well as the cable portion that was chopped off was made into a extension that has a female XLR and terminate is 1/4in. But to clarify the cable is NOT detachable
Comment before Pming
Timestamps: Scratch:
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2021.10.27 12:10 dougshell What stops from from shib to doge until their trend lines flip

Wouldn't the smart money (whale wise) be back into Doge then back into Shiba, rinse/repeat?
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2021.10.27 12:10 xS2kXR3D Small trucking company

So I got recently offered a 1099 position that pays .75/mile but I was reading some reviews that they charge the driver truck insurance and any roadside service calls. Is this legal for a company to charge a company driver? Small company based out of Chicago.
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2021.10.27 12:10 LeCheechio The reskin is cool but..

Could you make a new map rather than fundamentally change the design of a long loved map. We know you have other untextured maps cuz we played on them. Some of them were really good, actually moss gardens was like my fav map in the game then Sand bridge whilst they were playable. Anyway. Stone Keep's stairs. Dumb so dumb. Imagine, you get pressured off high ground as defense. You somehow.. clear the enemy with your team despite having lost high ground. Now you have to path the whole way past the precious choke and get ganked by a flank who was waiting to regroup to get your own high ground back. Very dumb.
Its like the highground on Icemines push/defence all over again because the only way up to it is miles away. But worse because only the attacking side have a way up.
We dont need more "icemines" type map design. One is bad enough. It was fine when it a tough section in a payload map that had different areas so it was a pace changer. But its awful as a symmetric WW1 with out the trenches type experience. Atleast you don't have to defend your base from an attack literally coming downhill.. making it an "uphill" struggle for the defenders. But F me.
Atleast the new frontline can fly up. I was tired of playing inara just to wall jump (i love inara but still)
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2021.10.27 12:10 JamieLFC2020 [KIT] Napoli Kits 21/22

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2021.10.27 12:10 smooth_operator98 Thank you

Thank you to all of you who believe in this coin and Hodl.
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2021.10.27 12:10 alliswell2004 Cure Is Soaring Back Up The Charts😍 The True Charity-backed Project That Everyone Loves💖 A Huge Week Ahead With Dozens Of Exciting Announcements🚀 Another Charity Donation Will Be Given In The Next Few Days. ❤️ Cure Might Seem Good To Be Real, Except It Is 🔥 BSC Token

CURE is still on it stratospheric rise through the DeFi space and is turning heads everywhere☄️ After shedding a few unwanted whales, we are screaming back up the charts! 🚀 We have been featured in major publications including Coin Telegraph, Yahoo Finance and BSC News, and have a MAJOR press release landing imminently on thousands of sites, all over the world) 🌍
We have also been proud to announce that we have been joined by platinum selling artist Majestic Drama and investment specialist NinaFX as ambassadors. 🙌🏽 Both are an incredible addition to the team! 💕
CURE has had an utterly insane week last week. We hit a crazy $1Million volume traded in a single day🤯 Not to mention CURE hit an ATH of $52 million MC. We have corrected down and are now climbing back up to 40 million, preparing for another explosion with our upcoming news 🚀
We also have given our most recent charity donation, which will be supporting a wonderful child suffering with terminal cancer, paying for ALL weekly medical costs and making him as comfortable as possible. Another will be donated to this week. Giving is and always will be our primary goal ❤️
So come and join us in the friendliest and most supportive Telegram in DeFi and see why everyone who joins, stays! 🤝
CURE aims to use the space to truly revolutionise global healthcare, and it’s our amazing community who will help get us there. 🙏🏽 Trust us with where we are heading it is still VERY early.
To be clear, CURE Token is NOT a meme and if that’s what you want, we aren’t for you. ⛔️ This is a REAL project and the inverse of most charity tokens - one that began as a charity first. Our founder, Jacob, is the chairman of non-profit Beckley Foundation, which has already raised over $1Million for childhood cancer, and created CURE Token to help more sufferers, faster. ❤️Jacob doesn’t own a single token, and burns any he buys. There is one, sole focus to CURE - ending pediatric cancer first, then other chronic illnesses. 💉
The project is 100% community driven: Fair launched, locked and burned LP and team tokens. The project attracts long-term investors who believe in the infinite possibilities with bridging innovation of the cryptocurrency space with causes focused on supporting and ending childhood cancer - and that is just the start. 🙏🏽
Visit our website to see what we have in store long-term. We are not kidding when we say we are dedicated to changing global healthcare forever and allowing all to live healthy, happy lives. We have the drive, the resources and the passion to make it a reality. 💫

✅ Fully doxxed and known Dev ✅ Huge Marketing Incoming ✅ Team Lead, Community Driven ✅ Liquidity locked ✅ CMC / CG listed ✅ Fund research to find a cure for diseases ✅ Buyback system ✅ Audited
Tokenomics: Each transaction has a 12% fee subtracted which powers our cause
If you want to make a quick x10 on a project then CURE is not for you. This is a token for people who want to make genuine change in the world, whilst making fantastic long-term gains. 💸
We have Ethereum and Bitcoin in our crosshairs 🎯 and we will not stop until we are as recognisable to everyone. So don’t even invest yet, come visit our telegram and check out our website and whitepaper.
In a sea of scams, we are the real deal 😇
Come help us heal the world 💖
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2021.10.27 12:10 16Sneaks SahBabii’s Step In the Name of Love > R Kelly’s

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2021.10.27 12:10 bot_neen Artista innato vive en el asilo Huehuetlán.

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2021.10.27 12:10 Mathinpozani 9001 Fan

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2021.10.27 12:10 usualsuspektt Every "solution" ever

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2021.10.27 12:10 mrdark16 Be careful what you wish for....

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2021.10.27 12:10 fcknfun81 Holley snipper?

I have a 84 gmc k2500 manual transmission and am considering the holly snipperas well as installing the Holley distributor and upgrading the ignition as well…. Does anyone have any experience with these. Would love any feed backs tips tricks warnings or suprises I should look foreword to
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2021.10.27 12:10 Umbra00118 November Delays?

Was just looking at the upcoming releases on Previews World. Did anybody else notice that 99% of the books that were supposed to release next week on the 3rd got pushed to the 10th?
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2021.10.27 12:10 Virtual-Knight They'll steal your soul...with cuteness by MilleFaller on DeviantArt

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2021.10.27 12:10 madDarthvader2 My take on the "spooky" this year.

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2021.10.27 12:10 Iondis007 Why Is She So Obsessed With Him...? A Horror Visual Novel, The Letter ~ Pt. 8

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