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2021.10.27 12:22 johnjay80 This is art!

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2021.10.27 12:22 Dublingirl123 What’s a sample day of meals to get enough protein for a vegetarian who is strength training?

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2021.10.27 12:22 firstlastnameyuh Don’t know why but this is VERY hot, the way Candy moves 😍

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2021.10.27 12:22 No-Reach8266 Is my mom being ableist?

This morning I walked to the store to get some quick microwavable food to eat. I am diagnosed with EDS, POTs and intracranial hypotension. Generally, the longer I'm up, the worse my heart rate problems become. My heart rate became fast and I felt exhausted so I spent the rest of the morning in bed.
My mom just asked me if I could go to the store to get some garlic bread, to save her from making some. I explained that I've already been to the store this morning and I'm not feeling well so I want to take it easy for the rest of the day. Then my mom began saying things like ''you never help me with anything'' and ''how about when I have to drive you to the hospital next week for your surgery I make excuses that I'm feeling unwell'' and how me and my brother are mistakes, etc.
I tried politely explaining that I've spent most of the morning in bed because my heart rate won't come down even after I've taken my verapamil but she kept saying I was just making excuses.
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2021.10.27 12:22 TheLitClick CoolestDuran Streams Super Mario World

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2021.10.27 12:22 Thepaverdude For those who use kucoin in NY

A suggestion, i just transfered all of my shib into coinbase wallet. Because once this goes parabolic kucoin only allows you to withdraw 1 bitcoin per day. So 60k. Say this thing explodes and you make 600k-100 million lmfao you will be withdrawing only 60k per day. Coinbase doesnt lock you up for a certain amount. Just my suggestion
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2021.10.27 12:22 mmarlon120 Last night I was shown why the name of this sub is correct

At this very moment I have never felt more rage at windows 10
I'm about to commit several war crimes on the piece of shit devs that decided this backwards ass OS is something worth more then to whip my ass with
This rage is straight up palatable within me
Who the fuck omits basic security features based on in you have windows home or pro
Why the fuck does windows think it has the right to decide what I do with my own fucking computer
Why the hell is my ram being absolutely demolished right now
Its 16 gigs it shouldn't be having trouble idle
Also why the fuck doesn't windows like grub to exist. Its like windows is an abusive wife that wants you all to themselves
"You cant have no other OS except for me" BITCH THATS WHY I DIDN'T PUT YOU ON THE M.2 DRIVE YOU FUCKING WHORE
Oh and the fucking user creation. Holy fucking shit the user creation
If you want to make a second account, which I need to make for my own fucking homework, Its almost a requirement to connect it to a microsoft account
Like you can make it with nothing but to do it is so out of the fucking way
Windows doesnt fucking understand 2 GPU's so instead of defaulting on the monitor I use. It switches between both monitors randomly and abruptly
Oh and microsoft fucking edge
that program deserves to be thrown off a fucking edge for how slow it is
its slow and eats more ram then every other program I have opened combined
Im 2 beers and 3 shots in because this piece of shit of an OS
I just wanted to do my homework and now Im up at 3 in the fucking morning drunk as fuck and in so much fucking rage that I can punch through concrete
I'm going to eat taco bell just to shit down these piece of shit devs throats
And I hope to fucking god Microsoft is tracking my keypresses or whatever the fuck they are looking at
Just so I can tell them they are the absolute fucking worst
Apple is a bunch of closed off pricks and Linux can be clunky to learn because of its nature but Microsoft in its quest of infinite bullshit have achieved the kind of shit EA has fucking wet dreams about
Microsoft has convinced everyone that this kind of bullshit is ok
Fuck you Microsoft
Fuck you Windows 10
Fuck you Windows 11
Fuck you Bill Gates
Fuck you pussy ass programmers who probably wear knee high socks
I hope I see every single one of you in hell
Just so I can shove my fist so far up your ass I send you into fucking purgatory
Fuck this bitch ass OS (After finishing my work) My homework took me 20 minutes to finish
Setting up so my homework is actually possible to do took me 3 fucking hours
fuck windows (After resetting the PC to go back to my Linux drive)
Windows dont fucking hijack my boot order you bitch
assuming you're the most important thing on the computer you fucking trog
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2021.10.27 12:22 BlancheFromage SGI:RV - A brand new dysfunctional relationship!

Julie came over early and we did gongyo and chanted a lot. Then she told me I am getting fat and we should jog. I switched my prosthetic and off we went. It's been a long time for me but my muscle memory started to kick in. "Guy"
They've JUST started dating, only met 3 weeks ago, and already she's behaving like some long-married shrew??
Who would say something like this, or suggest jogging to someone with only one foot?? Remember, he supposedly lost his foot in the course of his military service in Afghanistan and wears a prosthesis.
He certainly could have replied:
Actually, I've always been this size. Can't you accept me for who I am?
I actually just lost 50 lbs - this is the thinnest I've ever been. And I feel quite proud of that achievement.
I've never jogged on my prosthesis - I can try, but I need to be careful.
Criticizing and pressuring your new boyfriend to change - within the first 3 weeks?? VERY bad sign. Maybe she really wants someone DIFFERENT. Who wants to become someone else's "project"?? What if HE doesn't want that outcome?? Sounds like they need to have a more substantive "Talk".
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2021.10.27 12:22 All-Seeing-Bot DEVELOPING: US Asks UK To EXTRADITE Julian Assange After CIA Kidnap, Murder Plot REVEALED | The Hill

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2021.10.27 12:22 __Anuj__ My monkey people need me..

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2021.10.27 12:22 _Mr_Stonks 69 is on his way 🚀

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2021.10.27 12:22 Guide_ist If Skilling and Bossing Pets were tradable, how much do you think they would go for?

Taking into consideration the frequency that pets are added into the game, and each pets respective drop rate, how much would one go for realistically?
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2021.10.27 12:22 ErnestOyVey Will uninstalling/re-installing Merge Dragons to try and get the Bunny Quests result in a potential loss of level farms and/or Dragon Home beta progress?

I'm tired of waiting for the portal upgrades to drop on my file, but I don't want to lose my progress. What's your experience?
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2021.10.27 12:22 Acceptable-Put4588 Has anyone used a resume writer for an Organizational Development position? I would like someone familiar enough with the field to ask me questions/really get toy biggest strengths and selling points.

I’ve used a different resume writer and it was ok, but it didn’t really highlight my strengths as an L&D leader. I really want someone to ask questions and get the major highlights. Who have you used with that background?
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2021.10.27 12:22 Sikhsy FREE NFTs & Pokemon Stuff!! NFT Collection

FREE NFTs & Pokemon Stuff!! NFT Collection 🔥 Pocket Balls! - A Generative NFT Collection 🔥
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Enter the giveaway here -> https://sweepwidget.com/view/37442-9dscxtwj
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13% off Ultimate - MTG Magic MTG Magic Strixhaven, Set Booster Box, Bundle, Collector's Pack on Amazon today.
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2021.10.27 12:22 Arma-gaming THE MILGRAM EXPERIMENT AND HOW IT'S EFFECTS US! Let me know your thoughts .Thank you.

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2021.10.27 12:22 MikazukiSora Chapter 77 english (translation only, no pic)

this is the cause of everything. i posted this last night in the comment of a thread but for easier way to track, here it is
Romaji Page 1 Licht : Hina-chan, hitotsu no tanomi ga arunda
Page 2 (flashback)
Page 3 (flashback again) Licht : te wo
Page 4 (cover) Licht : tsunaide hoshii. douka tomo ni
Page 5 (extend)
Page 6 Hina : ... Licht : dou...shite? Hina : te nante... itsudemo watashi wa tsunaide hoshii. sonna no, wakatteru, kuseni...
Page 7 Hina : naze, sonna ni aratamete? Licht : Firenda shoui wa, boku sono mono da
Page 8 Licht : ano hi, ano depato no okujo de, sizundeiku yuuhi ni, "shizumanaide" to negaitsuzuketa boku, jibun ha suteraretandato wakatteinagara, soredemo toketa sofutokurimu wo hanbunokoshite saeireba, mama wa modottekite mou ichido boku wo dakishimete kureru, sou shinjitsuzuketa boku, demo doredake mattemo mama ha modottekonakute, onaidoshi kurai no ko ga shiawase sou ni hahaoya ni te wo hikarete kaette ikutabi, boku dake ga, sekaijuu kara "iranai" to iwareteiru youde, kono yo de, boku dake ga
Page 9 Licht : tatta, "hitori" nanda to! Hina : Licht-san...
Page 10 Licht : demo boku wa Tokikaze no baa-chan ni hirottemoraeta. Tokikaze no baa-chan to Tokikaze ni, "hitori janai" tte oshietemoraeta. demo...
Page 11 Licht : ano hito wa, ano hi no yuugure no mama nanda.
Page 12 Firenda : kono yo de jibun wo taisetsu ni shitekureru ningen nante inai. jibun dake ga, hitori. sekaijuu ga, jibun no teki no mama.
Page 13 Licht : kimi no okakede boku wa mata A kurasu no minna ni au koto ga dekita. boku no koukai wa saeta. ima nara kaunto wo Firenda shoui to onaji gurai made hikiageru koto ga dekudarou. demo! Hina : "Firenda shoui kizuketakunai"
Page 14 (Rihito count increase)
Page 15 Licht : kaunto ga onaji ja dame da. sore de wa tada kizutsukeau dake! koroshiaudake! dakara motto haruka ue made hikiageru! sensei no satsui wo shihai suru dake janai! sensei no idenshi sono mono wo subete torikomu koto ni yotte! demo wakaranai! sayaku ni kondo koso kanzen torikomareteshimau kamoshirenai! demo! soredemo!
Page 16 Licht : kimi ga soba ni itekuretara
Page 17 Licht : boku wa kanarazu, kaettekureru
Page 18 Licht : (datte sou darou? kimi wa itsumo itsumo boku ga, donna kurayami no naka ni itemo boku ga donna zetsubou no naka ni ite mo)
Page 19 Licht : (kanarazu kanarazu oikaketekite kureteru) Licht : dakara
Page 20 Licht : kono saki isshou, boku to tsunaidekuremasuka?
Page 21 (Hina cries)
Page 22 (Hina hugs)
Page 23 (both shine)
Page 24 Genpest : Firenda
Page 25 Genpest : mou, owari da Hina : e?
Page 26 Hina : Licht-san, sono kami... Saki : aa...
Page 27 Saki : watashi ja modosenakattanoni... yappari fea janai nante kakkotsukeru janakatta na...
Page 28 (Licht hair turns black)
Page 29 (extend)
Page 30 Douan : gokiburi, teme, sono kami, kanzen ni jibun no mono ni shita no ka, Schmelman no idenshi wo...
Page 31 Firenda : masaka, onna wo daita mama watashi to tatakau tsumori? fuzake...naide
Page 32 Firenda : fuzakeruna!
Page 33 (Licht menace)
Page 34 (Licht let go sword, Firenda holding cleaver)
Page 35 (extend)
Page 36 (Licht takes Firenda's cleaver)
Page 37 (extend)
Page 38 (Firenda surprised, Licht get chair)
Page 39 (Firenda backslammed)
Page 40 (Firenda sits, Firenda flashback)
Page 41 Child Rihito : omatase
Page 42 Child Rihito : mukae ni kita yo, Firenda
Page 43 (child Rihito ask child Firenda arm)
Page 44 (Hina stands)
Page 45 (Rihito hugs crying Firenda)
Page 46 Licht : Firenda shoui, boku ni wa Hina-chan wo suteru koto nante dekimasen. demo...
Page 47 Licht : ishhou soba ni imasu, koko ni iru, minna de, dakara! Firenda : (giggle sfx)
Page 48 Firenda : dame ne Rihito-kun. sore wa onna ni taishite saitei no kotae. yappari anata kodomo da wa. Licht : Firenda shoui, mou! Firenda : wakattenai!
Page 49 Firenda : wakattenai yo Rihito-kun, anata ga watashi ni daseru kotae wa futatsu dake.
Page 50 Firenda : watashi wo korosu ka, Hina-chan wo suteru ka.
English Page 1 Licht : Hina-chan, i have a favor
Page 2 (flashback)
Page 3 (flashback again) Licht : please
Page 4 (cover) Licht : hold my hand. together
Page 5 (extend)
Page 6 Licht : what's up? Hina : ive always wanted to hold your hand, even though you know it...
Page 7 Hina : but why you ask for it?Licht : second lieutenant Firenda is same as me
Page 8 Licht : that day at department store rooftop, i kept praying so the sun wont set even though i knew that i was left behind. even though i left half of my soft cream melt, mom surely will return and hugs me. i kept believing that, but no matter how long i wait, mom didnt return. there was a kid whose age is same as me happily holding hand with his mother returning home, and its as if the world tells me that i was "unneeded". from all over the world, just me.
Page 9 Licht : just me, all alone Hina : Licht-san
Page 10 Licht : but i was picked up by Tokikaze's granma. she and Tokikaze told me "im not alone". but...
Page 11 Licht : but she is, still trapped in that time
Page 12 Firenda : there is no one who treasure me in this world. im all alone. the world remains as my enemy
Page 13 Licht : but thanks to you, i can reunite with everyone from class A and released from my regret. and now, im sure i can increase my count as high as second lieutenant Firenda. but...
Page 14 (Licht count increasing)
Page 15 Licht : the same count isnt enough. it will ends up in hurting each other, killing each other. that's why, i have to increase it much higher. not just controlled by teacher's killing intent, but swallowed by his gene. but im not sure. at worst case, this time i might not return. but even so.
Page16 Licht : if you are by my side
Page 17 Licht : i will return for sure
Page 18 Licht : (i mean isnt it? you are always, always no matter how dark it is, no matter how despairing it is)
Page 19 Licht : (you always chase after me) Licht : that's why
Page 20 Licht : will you hold my hand for the rest of life?
Page 21 (Hina cries)
Page 22 (Hina hugs)
Page 23 (both shine)
Page 24 Genpest : Firenda...
Page 25 Genpest : its over... Hina : eh?
Page 26 Hina : Licht-san, your hair... Saki : ah...
Page 27 Saki : even though i cant, as i thought its unfair that you are not bluffing
Page 28 (Licht hair turns black)
Page 29 (extend)
Page 30 Douan : cockroach, you, that hair, so youve successfully take it over, the Schmelman's gene
Page 31 Firenda : dont tell me, you are going to fight me while holding a girl in your hand? dont mess with me
Page 32 Firenda : dont mess with me!
Page 33 (Licht menace)
Page 34 (Licht let go sword, Firenda holding cleaver)
Page 35 (extend)
Page 36 (Licht takes Firenda's cleaver)
Page 37 (extend)
Page 38 (Firenda surprised, Licht get chair)
Page 39 (Firenda backslammed)
Page 40 (Firenda sits, Firenda flashback)
Page 41 Child Rihito : thanks for waiting
Page 42 Child Rihito : ive come to pick you, Firenda
Page 43 (child Rihito ask child Firenda arm)
Page 44 (Hina stands)
Page 45 (Rihito hugs crying Firenda)
Page 46 Licht : Second Lieutenant Firenda, i cant discard Hina-chan, but
Page 47 Licht : i will stay with you forever, im here, with everyone. so!
Page 48 Firenda : (giggle sfx)
Page 49 Firenda : you cant Rihito-kun, that was the worst thing you can say to a woman, as i thought you're still a child Licht : Second Lieutenant Firenda, stop! Firenda : you dont understand!
Page 50 Firenda : you are the one who dont understand Rihito-kun, your only choice are kill me or discard Hina-chan
submitted by MikazukiSora to Plunderer [link] [comments]