Is ps5 always laggy?

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2021.11.28 11:43 HungryJackSyrups Is ps5 always laggy?

So I recently upgraded to a ps5 over my ps4, I still have the ps4, and I've noticed even with my ethernet cable it's been lagging more frequently than my ps4 and I don't know if it's an issue on my end or a common occurrence on the platform. Does anyone have the same problem or know why?
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2021.11.28 11:43 plantnooob Should I separate this bird of paradise? I’ve had it for a year and a half and since it’s getting pretty big I’m wondering if one of the three plants in here should be taken out

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2021.11.28 11:43 rexneffect21 unstaked time went to metamask wallet as memo

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2021.11.28 11:43 Albert_Gajsak I’m about to start producing CircuitMess Batmobile - a DIY robot car that teaches kids about STEM sciences

Hi everyone,
As you may remember, my name is Albert, and I'm a 22-year-old DIY electronics enthusiast who also happens to be a huge Batman fan. 🦇
Earlier, I have posted here about CircuitMess Batmobile, a project I have developed after getting the license from Warner Bros and which is aimed to teach kids technologies of the future (such as AI, machine learning, computer vision, and more).
I have received really nice feedback from the people in this group, so I wanted to notify you all that my Batmobile is now funded and that I will officially start producing this kit soon. ✨
The crowdfunding campaign will be live for 5 more days, meaning that you can still pre-order your Batmobile or support the project if you find it interesting. Here’s the link to the listing, where you can also get more info about Batmobile’s software and hardware:
Thank you all for your support so far!
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2021.11.28 11:43 Krokakai Return Flight from Thailand and Thaipass

I am going to Thailand on 8th December under a visa exemption as I am flying from the UK (22 hour layover in Poland). I am looking to buy a return ticket out of Thailand so there is no problems with getting into the country. Could anybody recommend an airline that I would be able to get a ticket refund easily after getting past immigration in Thailand?
I have also been waiting 6 days now for my Thaipass to be accepted so I am thinking of sending off a new application as it is getting tight.
If there is anything to note with my flight plans, please let me know. I have put Poland as departure country as I will be staying the night in the centre.
UK > Poland (22hr layover) > Sweden > BKK
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2021.11.28 11:43 Einstein7- It was beautiful until…

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2021.11.28 11:43 FrontpageWatch2020 [#440|+1590|100] The real best friend [r/MadeMeSmile]

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2021.11.28 11:43 jhs284ns Handmade Gongunjula Pendant Necklace ( Polished Brass)

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2021.11.28 11:43 Eozef [spoilers ep9] Ekko's name has been found on Vander's statue

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2021.11.28 11:43 Medical-Medicine4814 Sobranie BIH?

Poz, gdje ima kupiti Sobranie u BiH na kojima kioscima se prodaje tj ko je zastupnik?
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2021.11.28 11:43 FrontpageWatch2020 [#395|+739|107] STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF THE WILLIAMS FAMILY | Williams Racing (Sir Frank Williams Deth) [r/formula1]

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2021.11.28 11:43 GigaChadLone You vs Boxer Characters how far can you go (you can use any Martial Arts)

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2021.11.28 11:43 WolfBeil182 I think I'm ready for Proximity Sensor Balls to be vaulted

Especially with the advent of Solo/Co-Op servers that allow you to build up xp in an organic way, the motion balls are sort of losing their niche. Obviously they're still incredibly useful for spotting, in fact I'd argue they're currently the MOST useful spotting gadget by a long shot, but that's part of the problem. Casper's drone is decidedly a step down from them, so they ought to at least be brought in line with his drone, but I'd rather they took them out of the gadget rotation, if not now then at least once they've added a few more in.
With 128 players on the field, even 8 players per team using motion balls in a game of Breakthrough is liable to light up the whole enemy team more often than not. And I think 8 per team is a conservative estimate; any more than that and it's pretty much a match with the setting of "always show players on minimap", but with extra steps. Considering the lack of cover on most maps, the last thing we need is for everyone to be spotted all the time so there's really nowhere to hide.
That just leaves the motion ball's prolific xp farming capabilities, which is probably what pumps up the number of players using them. It's a secondary use for a gadget that's already astoundingly useful, making them ubiquitous on the battlefield and keeping everybody spotted a good chunk of the time. Perhaps the only good thing about their popularity is that it cuts down on grenade spam, but I'd argue it can functionally have the same effect when a player rounding a corner can prefire you with high accuracy.
Anyway I'm just diving into theory because I haven't been able to play in a few days so I want to talk about battlefield, so take my word with a grain of salt. I just think it might improve the quality of the gameplay loop if the motion balls weren't an option.
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2021.11.28 11:43 Wayward_heathen Plz help.

We’ve got a 4/5 year old cat(Elli) who over the last six months or so has simply taken to using the bathroom wherever she pleases. She used the litter box for ever, she’s also an outdoor cat and used to potty outside.
We also have a 2 year old male(Rune), and in the time that Elli has began peeing and pooping on the floor, she’s began bullying Rune for no apparent reason. He doesn’t really care, he’s a big bear with the most immaculate demeanor.
Does anyone know what the heck would just cause my cat to turn into such a little butthole recently?
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2021.11.28 11:43 EasyAcanthisitta7061 I don't think anyone in this world would ever like me

Hey I'm a 16 ( M ) and I had a crush on a girl for 1 year I never told her !! When my friends forced me into it...I got rejected pretty badly. Though I still like her, she has a boyfriend and I still talk to her...but I just keep hoping she would break up with him... And right now...I don't show it but I'm pretty depressed...all my friends pretty much hate her they think she's a bitch... I still like her ALOT..I don't know what to do in this situation
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2021.11.28 11:43 BCHisFuture BCH 25.000 $
I doubt it will arrive before 3-5 years but still intersting...
For me only great news could bring BCH to 25.000$ under 2 months
Tesla and Elon Musk or Aplle buy BCH and FUD BTC SN sold BTC for BCH ( In this case Bch will hit 100.000$) Venezuela or other "big country" accept BCH and buy a lot
Any others ideas ?
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2021.11.28 11:43 Classic-Security-270 CryptoShibe Gold Giveaway

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2021.11.28 11:43 FrontpageWatch2020 [#325|+572|16] If I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labour, no one can. [r/ProRevenge]

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2021.11.28 11:43 George_Warden Berry Pog

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2021.11.28 11:43 Odd_Seaworthiness599 (ds3)(ps4)(help) sister freide

Password 1234
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2021.11.28 11:43 ghioboss Hi, am I the only one who noticed my beloved Miu Miu here?

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2021.11.28 11:43 SinoBot Y-20U on today's trip through the ADIZ

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2021.11.28 11:43 -__Force__- Ahmet stone

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2021.11.28 11:43 mothramantra Watch top news stories today | November 28th – Midday edition - euronews

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2021.11.28 11:43 OxtailCarton797 Cresselia woth 10 add 1945 0286 5588 or 8625 2888 9792 add quick

Be online
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