Ronaldo King of tap ins #shorts

Cristiano Ronaldo looking lost as they struggle to work as a team than an individual. Scoring match-winning goals against Brentford and Southampton, Chilwell has managed to pull Chelsea out of sticky situations - and he isn’t the only defender to do so.. You don’t need to rely on the biggest names in football to pull you over the line in big games. Cristiano Ronaldo with his four children, Cristiano Jr, Eva, Mateo and Alana Martina (Image: Instagram) Alana Martina. Five months after the birth of his twins, Ronaldo welcomed another child, a daughter named Alana Martina with his girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez.. She was born on 12 November 2017 and is the couple’s first child together. Cristiano Ronaldo was consoled by Serbia international Nemanja Radonjic following Portugal 's dramatic 2-1 home World Cup qualifying defeat on Sunday evening.. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner was ... Ronaldo played in 5 different teams and in 4 different leagues, you retard. Flopessi played in 2 teams in 1 league his whole career. Ronaldo had to adapt to 4 different clubs and leagues while Flopessi (the coward) was getting spoonfed by Barcelona, in the easy league (la liga) RONALDO HAS THE BEST GOAL RATIO IN LA LIGA (Flopessi’s comfort zone) He is the fastest to reach 100 , 200 and 300 ... Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed an "extra happiness" since temporarily departing Manchester United to head for international duty with Portugal.. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner returned to Old ... Between them, Ronaldo and Messi have won 11 of the last 12 Ballon d’Ors, the award which recognises the best player in the world. The debate over who is the greatest has been going on for almost ... Jamie Carragher makes major Mikel Arteta claim as Arsenal have their very own Cristiano Ronaldo. ... Click to play Tap to play. The video will auto-play soon 8 Cancel. Play now. ... Chelsea Chelsea claimed a convincing 3-0 victory over Leicester City at the King Power with Antonio Rudiger, N'Golo Kante and Christian Pulisic on the scoresheet. — Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) November 22, 2021. Michael Carrick, who was an assistant manager under Solskjaer and Jose Mourinho before him, has been named caretaker manager while the club look for someone to steer the ship until the end of the season. Gary Neville has compared the impact of Cristiano Ronaldo on both the Premier League and the city of Manchester as something that could be likened to Elvis Presley.. The 36-year-old, who is one of the greatest players in the history of the game, returned to Manchester United this summer following nine seasons at Real Madrid and three with Juventus.. The Portugal icon has been tasked with ... 🔎 | FOCUSCristiano Ronaldo vs Atalanta:👌 50 touches⚽️ 2 goals🥅 4 shots/3 on target🔑 2 key passes↪️ 1/1 acc. crosses🔭 1/1 acc. long balls👟 32/36 acc. passes💨 2/3 ...

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Hyatt Place Inner Harbor, Baltimore Hyatt Place Inner Harbor, Baltimore Featuring an indoor swimming pool and an on-site restaurant, Hyatt Place Inner Harbor is located in Baltimore. Free WiFi access is available. The National Aquarium is 3166 feet away. City views can be enjoyed from each guest room. 511 South Central Avenue, Little Italy, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States of America
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2021.11.28 12:14 FukuroSan__ [no spoilers] Finally done making this Jinx Fanart. Took me a couple days and I thought why not share it :)

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Sundarban 2 Night 3 Days Tour From Kolkata Sundarban 2 Night 3 Days tour with cheapest price and best service is offered mostly at weekends but at Tourist Hub India, you can find Sundarban packages that rightly fit your needs. Our sundarban tour 2n/3d consists of all the things to do in Sundarbans, such as jungle safari, and more.
At Tourist Hub India, you will get the most exclusive deals on your Sundarban pacakage tour 2 nights 3 days in West Bengal. Your Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days cost will include guided jungle safari, finest accommodation, all meals, and transportation.
In our 3 days and 2 nights itinerary the trip starts from Godkhali ferry ghat, which would be our base point. To reach Godkhali, you either need to hire a Tuk Tuk or board a bus from Canning. Your pickup will be from Science City by AC transportation and the will provide packed breakfast and a tea break on the way. Here we have given the details of best Sundarban 2 Night/3 Days tour plan for you.
Day 01 : Arrival At Godkhali Ferrighat
Day 02 : Jungle Safari
Day 03 : Local Sightseeing and Back To Kolkata

Sundarban 2 Night 3 Days Inclusion:
  • Accommodation in individual rooms/cottages as per the booking.
  • All Meals- Breakfast (3 times), Lunch (4 times), Dinner (3 times).
  • Evening tea and Snacks (Veg and Non Veg).
  • Evening cultural program .
  • Boat For Jungle Safari.
  • All necessary entry fees.
  • Pickup and Drop from Kolkata.

Sundarban 2 Night 3 Days Exclusion:
  • Things are not mentioned under Inclusions herein above..
  • Audio system, Projector
  • All Porter charges, Camera Charges.
  • Any extra service consumed by the guest. (payable directly).
COVID 19 Precautions During Travel To Sundarban:
We will provide Face Mask & Sanitizer for all tourists in the tour..
Sanitization process maintained by our trained staff before check in and check out.
Maintain daily basis sanitization for our boat.
Sanitizer is also available in every room and restaurant.
Transportation vehicle is also fully sanitized by our own staff.
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2021.11.28 12:14 StrifeERP [M4A] (A Playing as F) Massive prompt drop of Harem Based Anime and Fandom centric RP prompts. Balance of Smut and Story! (Anime, Rule 34, Fandoms, Games.)
Hey guys!
Today I bring you a massive list of RP Ideas that I’m constantly working on. These posts are mainly around anime I’ve watched or games/Fandoms I’m in. However, there are some OC based stuff that might be used either way!
For my replies I only write in first person and the length of my replies vary from a few sentences to a few solid paragraphs depending on how much is going on in a scene. I figured I’d put a fair warning here that if you reply with low detail, I won’t be rping with you. I’m not looking for a few words as a response. While that might be your thing, that's fine and power to you! It’s just not mine.
I’m someone who likes a nice balance of build-up and story to go along with the smut. I’m not the biggest fan of constant sex, or sex that starts within one or two replies. I also like cute dates and moments, and love to type out action driven moments.
What I look for in a partner:
Third Person responses (Unless you're playing an OC among the harem)
Active - I don't wanna be waiting a week for a reply. I understand if you're busy outside of RP but please let me know so I'm not just waiting around and twiddling my thumbs. If I go a week without hearing from you at all I'm going to assume you're no longer interested.
Communicative: It kinda links in with the other but if you're not feeling the RP or you're busy IRL I'm not gonna get mad or anything I'm an understanding person!
Detailed responses: Anything 2 sentences up to a paragraph is enough, but more is always very much appreciated.
This one is a bit of a nitpick, but Please don't just message me with "I'll rp" Or "want to rp?" tell me what rps you wanna do in your initial message! If you're undecided please just list the ones you want to do and we can go there. If you do message me like the previous I'll probably just ignore the message.
For the platforms I mainly do rps on Discord, however I also have a kik and my inbox here. So feel free to ask about my user for either platform.
Now to get into the meat and potatoes, I’ll post my kinks and limits. There’s a lot there and not all of them will be applicable to the starters. As I’m a massive fan of harems I’ll put this in bold here. Those willing to play multiple characters will have a higher preference in replies.
Currently due to high demand I’m only accepting those people who are willing to play multiple FEMALE characters for a harem. (Sorry if that’s an issue, I still wish you the best!)
Harems – (Which doesn’t mean playing a bunch of characters at once. If you prefer to play 1 character per scene that’s fine!)
Outercourse (Which is stiff like titjobs, thigh jobs, grinding, hot dogging, that kinda thing), Risky/public spaces. (Places you can get caught but don’t. Toilet stalls, changing booths, that kinda thing), Facials, Freckles (Face and body), Big, nicely shaped bums (Especially if they jiggle… just an overall fan of the jiggle if I’m honest), Creampies, Cum on tits/body, big cumshots, thigh high socks, showewater sex (places like pools, showers, hot tubs that kinda things, and a Mutual desire for sex. Incest. I also don’t mind pubic hair as long as it’s not overly bushy trimmed stuff is nice! :)
Pregnacy, which also includes lactation (Hard limit, sorry), Vomit, Piss, Blood, toilet stuff, noncon/rape, Gagnbangs (reverse gangbangs with females is fine), Male on male, Futas, Rimming/pegging. (There could be more that I haven’t thought of, if you’re unsure feel free to ask)
There could be more that I might be into, that hasn’t been listed so feel free to ask about it and we can work something out. And without further ado let’s head straight into it.
I’ve made an easy access list for you to read through to see if anything piques your interest before you have to scroll through this abundant list. Of course, I stated this before but I’ll state it again.
Those willing to play multiple characters will have a higher preference in replies. Especially canon characters.
Currently due to high demand I’m only accepting those people who are willing to play multiple FEMALE characters for a harem. (Sorry if that’s an issue, I still wish you the best!)
Anime/Fandom/Game Ideas:
Idea 1: My Harem (Hero) Academia.
Idea 2: One Piece.
Idea 3: Jujutsu Kaisen.
Idea 4: Fire Force.
Idea 5: Demon Slayer.
Idea 6: Attack on Titan.
Idea 7: Fairy Tail.
Idea 8: Naruto.
Idea 9: Bleach.
Idea 10: Sword Art Online.
Idea 11: Avatar the Last Airbender.
Idea 12: Persona (Girls from 3, 4 and 5.)
Idea 13: Final Fantasy.
Idea 14: The Witcher 3.
Idea 15: Harry Potter.
Idea 1: My Harem (Hero) Academia.
(So for this one, my character will be a transfer into class 1-A. From Shiketsu. His power is that of Persuasion. With the power he’s able to convince someone to do something as if it’s their own free will. That being said he’s rather hesitant to use it on other people and due to the stigma around his quirk he’s been seen as an outcast and a freak and has been constantly harassed due to the nature of his quirk.)
(The idea I have for this RP is that the girl(s) of class 1-A will help him come out of his shell and accept that his quirk isn’t the villainous thing that other people have led him on to be. As he becomes more confident his small commands will be able to become longer term commands. There will also be story and action to keep the plot engaging and interesting.)
Starter: It was a day which started like most others in Class 1-A. The students got ready in the dorms and headed to class to chat among themselves while they waited for Aizawa to enter. However, unlike most days there seemed to be an extra desk placed in the room. The seat caused some confusion which didn’t last long as the first bell rang and Aizawa entered the room.
“Morning everyone.” He stated in his mainly bored and sleepy tone which seemed to sound like he was stifling a yawn. “Today we’ve got a new student transferring in from another school. He’s from Shiketsu, some of you may recognize the name since it’s got the same level of prestige as U.A. but regardless make sure he feels welcome.” He said, pointing a sweeping stare at everyone and finally resting on the problem child of the U.A class Bakugo.
With that he fell silent and I felt it was my cue to enter. Swallowing a little at the nerves I steeled them quickly and entered. Nervously my blue eyes sweep over some of the familiar faces in the room. Many of the students had standout performances in the UA sports festival and as well in the news reports about the villain attack on the training camp.
I had a lot to live up to if I wanted to join these legends in training but regardless, I was determined to do just that. Breathing a little and shifting my auburn hair from my eyes I smiled the best I could. “My name is Schwarzer, Chris Schwarzer. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” I say bowing to the class.
Satisfied with the introduction Aizawa nodded to the spare seat in the room. Taking that as an order I nodded back and headed over to my seat sitting down and getting my books out. Curiously I turned to the seat next to me noticing one of the girls in the class and gave her a slight smile as Aizawa began his lesson.
Idea 2: One Piece.
(I’m not so sure how I want to approach this one, however I’ll jump in and give it ago. Much like the MHA starter this character will have the power of Persuasion. Having eaten the Persua-Persua fruit. I’m thinking for now either he joins the Straw Hats and goes on adventures with them, or he makes a crew with characters from the story (Obviously this doesn’t have to be cannon and completely made up as we go. Either way I’m super keen on this since I love One Piece to death.)
Starter: Adventure! Freedom, Treasure and Booze! These were all the things a pirate needed in life. And exactly what every pirate set out to obtain. Two years after the events at Marineford where Strawhat Luffy himself took on the government with an army behind him, and the Whitebeard Pirates at his side in order to rescue his brother… And two years since I felt inspired enough in his absence to set forth on my own.
I gathered up a strong crew and made a name for myself. My alias being Silver Tongue Schwarzer, a nice title which rolled off the tongue. I had no issues amassing a sizable bounty at 90 million berries. While it wasn’t as grand as other pirates, the world government saw enough of a threat in my power to provide a bounty that large.
So then why was I now sitting at a bar on the Sabaody Archipelago, alone and staring into the amber liquid of booze in a mug? It was simple. Mutiny. Those whom I had trusted most among my crew turned on a dime and after reaching the Archipelago they threw me overboard and turned around. To where I didn’t know and quite frankly after their betrayal I didn’t care.
“Damn them. Damn them all.” I muttered under my breath cursing as I downed the rest of my contents. “Another!” I called out to the barkeep who approached to fill my mug.
“You’re looking a little rough there, you sure you need another?” The bartender asked as he took the mug from me.
“I don’t have anything else to do. I don’t even know what else to do with myself.” I responded grumpily. “Just fill it up.” I demanded.
“Right.” The bartender responded as he filled it with more of the alcoholic amber liquid and slid It in front of me.
Idea 3: Jujutsu Kaisen.
(So I’ve just completed the anime for Jujutsu Kaisen and I really enjoy it. I’ve got an interesting idea for a curse ability, my character’s power is basically he emits smells. Mostly for support, however his ability is so strong that he’s unable to turn it off. He always smells great to anyone who smells him, almost like a pheromone. And to demons it’s a lure. Because of this he wears a lot to cover up his body so he doesn’t let out as much of his scent. He’s in Jujutsu now because he wanted to learn how to use different smells for different things and one day he hopes to be able to control his powers. Since the cast is pretty small, feel free to play OC characters for this one as well as canon! :) )
Starter: The sounds of fabric ripping filled the air followed up by my swearing as my scent was released into the air. This was bad. My scent leaking out meant that every cursed spirit within a few blocks would barrel down on my position.
It seemed the time for subtlety was out the window and as such I pulled the large good back and unzipped my jacket which zipped all the way up to cover half my face. Underneath my body was bare. I mean wearing a large coat all day with extra layers was asking to sweat like a pig. I tossed my coat to the side and threw my gloves along with it.
My cursed energy seeped out increasing the potency and the range of my smell. My eyes narrowed at the grade three curse spirit which was staring me down. “Sleep.” I say clapping my hands together as my scent changed to that of a sleep agent.
The cursed spirit swayed a little before collapsing to the ground. My smell even caused me to sway a little as I breathed it in, however I had built up an immunity to it. The sounds of more cursed spirits barreling down on my position could be heard all around me as I grabbed my coat and my gloves and made a run for it into a nearby building. I didn’t have time to finish the spirit off before I ran into the building. This would be a better place for me to fight them given that my smell could permeate more efficiently than it would in an open space.
I wasn’t sure if help was going to come, but for now I’d operate under the assumption that it wasn't.
Idea 4: Fire Force.
(I’ve finished watching Fire force and I love the idea and the characters! Especially Maki! So with that in mind I’ve decided to type up a starter to add to it.. My character will be similar to Shinra in the fact that his flames are speed types, however rather than prolonged speed, he uses his flames to propel his attacks with his legs and hands… It’ll probably be much clearer when I’m explaining it in RP.)
Starter: I looked up to the rather run-down looking base of the 8th division of the fire force. It looked rather… shabby. Although I quickly shook my head. They’d been nice enough to let me in and I approached the large oak doors gently pushing them aside. Once inside I met with a large mound of muscle. “Hm?” The male grunted curiously. “You the newbie?” He asked. “Captain Obi.” The male said as he placed his weight down and extended a muscular arm out to me.
“Chris Schwarzer.” I responded as I reached my hand out and shook his own. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I stated.
Obi smiled as he nodded. “Come with me, I’ll introduce you to the rest of the team.” He said as he led me down to a noisy room which was lively and when I entered.
“Alright you lot listen up. This is Chris Schwarzer, he’s the new rookie I told you about, and he’s new around here. So, make sure you make him feel welcome.” Captain Obi spoke up.
“It’s nice to meet you all.” I say as I bowed humbly to them all.
“We’ll get a test on your mettle soon enough kid, once you get the tour and put your bag away. The rest of us will meet us up on the roof.” He stated and guided me around the grounds of the company 8 base. Soon enough we headed over to the bunk rooms where he opened the door. “Here’s your roommate, play nice.” He said to the figure inside.
“Oh! Right.” I say as I bowed. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I stated humbly I wanted to make a good impression on the team after all.
Idea 5: Demon Slayer.
(Recently I went to go see the Mugen train movie and it’s reignited my love for this series, so I felt the need to include it for sure! This will be open to both OC and canon characters so feel free to jump in as either one! My character will be a member of the demon slayer corps who is on a near impossible mission in a small village.)
Starter: I panted heavily as I clutched at the wound in my right side. My shaking left hand clutched tightly to the hilt of my blade. This mission had been easy to start with, but the reports were wrong. I had also gotten carless and sloppy due to the fact I had been up for three days straight. Something was luring an incredible mass of Demons to this town and I was tasked to find out what… I just didn’t know there would be this many. I tried to regulate my breathing and compose myself even though my body felt as though it would give at any moment. In front of me was a horde of demons, and my eyes studied them waiting for any sign of movement among them. Behind me laid a mass of slain demons which had all been decapitated and were in the process of evaporating.
Checking the hand on my side I didn’t need to look down to feel that it had dampened with blood. I cursed under my breath my thoughts wandering to the possibility that this might be my final fight. I knew that if I made it to dawn which was only a short time away that I might be able to make it, although that was only a thin sliver of hope.
This was a mission that seemed to have no end, and even though I’d asked for help from HQ I knew it’d be some time before they got here… I wasn’t even sure how long ago that was… My thoughts questioned if even a Hashira would have problems with this mission.
I had to keep fighting… fight till there was no life left in me. And as the surge of demons rushed forth once again, I exhaled. Steadying my breathing as the winds around me changed. “First form: Dust Whirlwind Cutter” I called out as I surged forward slicing through the closest demons and giving myself another moment to breathe. However, my feet were shaky and I stumbled slightly. Many of the demons who noticed my weakening form began to laugh almost in a taunting and mocking manner as they stepped towards me once again.
Idea 6: Attack on Titan.
(So this’ll be a run of the mill attack on titan RP. It’ll be action and adventure based. I’ll probably stick to the start of the story right after everyone meets the scouts. Although I think for this RP, I’ll make the scouts different, having a different leader who is a little more corrupt and willing to frugally send troops to their deaths. As for my character I’m unsure if I’ll make him a titan shifter or not. Also, if you want to play multiple canon characters that’s great!)
Starter: There was a solid “thunk” as my hooks embedded themselves into the woody flesh of a tree and I reeled myself onto the branch. I panted heavily as I felt the warm, almost boiling titan’s blood evaporating from my cheeks and looked down to the corpse of the last titan I’d killed which was now steaming.
Between heavy breaths of air, I wiped the back of my hand against my forehead wiping away fat beads of sweat and slicked back my ginger hair from my eyes while my blue eyes looked out to the large forest below. It seemed that no matter how many titans were killed more and more kept coming.
“Damnit how did I get stuck on this mission?” I questioned out loud as I tapped on my gas cylinders to feel that they were empty… not to mention I was down to my last few blades. “Did they really expect us to set up a forward base in this shithole? And just where the hell is the supply unit?” I speak out loud. A familiar “Thunk” of hooks embedding themselves into wood snapped me from my despairing thoughts.
I looked down to the clearly female form of another scout as she reeled herself towards the sturdy branch I was sitting on and not wanting to scare her if she hadn’t seen me peeked my head over. “You need a hand?” I asked as I reached down my hand to help her up onto the branch.
Idea 7: Fairy Tail
(It’s been a little while since I’ve seen this series, but I’ve always thought the girls were cute and I loved it! Given my time away from it, I might need some time to refamiliarize myself with how magic works, but I’m probably going to make him a lot like the character in fire force, a strong/fast attacker who uses fire. He’ll be an entry level member to the guild to begin with.)
Starter: Another day in magnolia and another party being held at the large guild building at the centre of town. A large-scale job had just finished with some of the senior ranking wizards. and even though I wasn’t part of that mission, instead being on my own D-Rank job I joined in on the celebrations.
I had only been part of the guild for a couple of weeks and so far, it’s not been as exciting as I’d hoped, although I figured that it’d pick up once I proved myself. I was drinking by myself when I was approached by Makarov. He was wearing an eccentric looking orange outfit. “Schwarzer my boy!” He said as he patted me on the shoulder. “How are you fitting in?” He questioned.
“Fine sir! Everyone has been very welcoming.” I say to him in response.
“Glad to hear it! You’ve been doing a good job, although I’d like to see you do more.” The male said. “So I’ve arranged a partner for you on your next job, that way you can take on something more challenging, what do you say?” He questioned.
“Yes of course!” I say eagerly as a smile spread across my face.
“Great!” He said cheerfully. “I’ll introduce you to who you’ll be working with.” He said as he stood from his spot and led the way over to a female clearing his throat loud enough to get their attention.
Idea 8: Naruto
(So for this one I like the idea that my character is a nomadic mercenary from the cloud village who uses lightning release to increase his speed. He is hired by the leaf to help the ninja of the village on a mission, maybe he also has some kind of hidden power that boosts his chakra but also increases his libido. Not too sure how I wanna go about this one.)
Starter: The Hokage Tsunade Senju looked over me with a curious gaze and then down to my application form. I had been summoned to the village for a mission, but I wasn’t told what other than the fact that the pay was good. The older woman eyed me up with an air of suspicion as she held up the paper before studying my face. “You’re younger than I expected given everything you’ve done.” She stated honestly. “But the intelligence division did a thorough search into you and your village. You check out.” She stated as she slammed the approved stamp down onto my paper.
“Just remember, if you do anything to endanger this village, I’ll snuff you out personally.” She said in an icy and threatening tone. Feeling a cold bead of sweat roll down the side of my face I nodded. “Of course. I wouldn’t dream of it.” I say. Internally I make a mental note not to cross her in any way.
“Good.” She said putting a smile across her features. “Your team is going to be assembled at the gate by sundown.” She stated. Here’s a key to your lodgings at the hotsprings inn.” She stated as she handed me a key. “Make sure you’re not late.” She started with her same warning tone.
I nodded as I took the key and smiled at the woman. “Understood, thank you.” I say as I gathered up my things and headed over to the inn. It was beautiful and the warm air of the hot springs was inviting. Although given that it was late afternoon already, I didn’t have much time to soak. I unpacked my gear and soon headed through the winding paths of the village reaching the gate as sundown began to set in. There I saw three lone female forms and gave them an awkward smile. “Hey guys, I’m here to help you out on your mission.” I told them.
Idea 9: Bleach
(So a new human soul reaper makes it into the soul society. His power isn’t captain level to begin with simply being enough to take out the average hollow. And with the resurgence of the hollow threat the Soul Society has offered to give him a substitute badge to take out those hollows deemed too small for the soul society to handle. Maybe he’s paired up with someone or someone like Orihime steps in to help him grow.)
Starter: Another boring day at college followed by a night of boring patrols. With all the big hollows being taken care of by “Full-fledged” Soul reapers it didn’t leave me with much opportunity to train against bigger enemies.
At least that’s what I thought originally. A few blocks from me there was a rift which opened up and the pure spiritual pressure that came from the hollow that stepped out of it was enough to make me feel as though gravity itself was pushing against me.
It was hard to breathe and even harder to stand as my hand clutched my blade in my left hand tightly. I shook my head as I heard the loud roar of the large breast and could even see it’s towering form from my position.
It was nothing close to a menos, but it was enough to tower over a three-story building for sure. “Shit.” I hissed to myself as I knew there were no soul reapers around at this stage. With a threat this big I was sure they’d come, but until then it was up to me to buy some time and make sure no humans or souls were consumed.
Pushing myself forward I reached the park that the Hollow had appeared in. Thankfully the park was deserted at this time of night.
When he saw me, the hollow let out a low growl. “You don’t smell like much, but you’ll do as a snack.” The hollow commented as it charged forward.
“Just evade, buy time.” I commented to myself as I began to leap around the battlefield looking a bit like and feeling like an idiot.
The hollow toyed with me a little while enjoying the chase before it seemed to get bored. Just when I was thinking I was fast enough to keep avoiding it the creature’s mouth opened and its forked tongue shot out at me with faster speed than I was anticipating. I raised my blade to defend myself but it was a feeble attempt and I knew it wouldn’t be enough.
Idea 10: Sword Art Online.
(Fairly simple it’s SAO set in the original death game. I love the idea, so I’ve always loved rping this one. If you want to play canon characters my favorite is for sure Lizbeth, but I’m open to OC characters!)
Starter: It’s been months since Akihiko Kayaba has trapped us into this death game. Or at least that’s how some people looked at it. Others saw it as their dream come true. But most if not, all wanted to push forward and beat the game.
Despite the desire to push forward little progress has been made. Guilds and parties have formed to push through dungeons but with the increased danger and with it more deaths; more and more people simply decided to live out their lives on the lower floors.
Unlike those rushing in to push through the content I was happy enough to go through it at my own pace. This place was like a dream for me, save for the fact I had an increased chance of dying. I was able to live in this game without the worries of the outside world.
I was doing some late-night grinding in an area of dense forest. The sun had set and there was little light save for the bright moon poking through the trees. All was calm, the trees swayed with the wind and the occasional sound of creatures moving about was enough to calm me.
However, the deeper I got into the forest the louder a sound became. At first it was quiet but as I approached, I heard it more clearly. It sounded like steel clashing against steel. Someone was fighting. Moving from a casual walk into a jog I quickly came to a small clearing where I saw two figures fighting, although in the low light I couldn’t make it out until I got closer.
Idea 11: Avatar the Last Airbender.
(So for this one I guess it can go two different ways. My favorite girls from Avatar would probably be Ty Lee, Suki and Toph. Maybe my character is a powerful bender that either the fire nation or team Avatar wants on their side. I think it might be cool to think that Aang isn’t the only airbender and instead a small faction managed to escape and continue the lineage. Either that or my character is a powerful firebender of some kind. I’ll leave whichever you prefer to you in your first reply as I’ll leave it open ended.)
Starter: The world was at war ever since the Fire nation attacked. With the intense fighting came mercenaries. Freelance benders or soldiers ready to fight on either side. For a fee of course. And despite my age, being only eighteen I was quite renowned amongst the other bounty hunters for my bending.
Of course, there were talks of the Avatar returning, having repelled an invasion in the south pole, the liberation of Omashu and then the fire nation prison. It seemed they were making quite the stir in the earth kingdom.
It’d only be a matter of time before they reached the small town, I was in. Perhaps they were already here. But if that was the case surely there would be some kind of stir. Pushing my hair from my face I ordered another drink from the barkeep.
“You know you’re my favourite customer Schwarzer…. You’re the only one who consistently pays his tab. Unlike the rest of these soldiers or the workers around here.” The older man says in clear annoyance.
“Well who knows, if I wasn’t so successful, I’d probably mooch off you too.” I admitted with a grin. “Try not to talk too ill of the soldiers on either side.” I added on flicking him an extra coin for a tip once my drink was finished. “Well I better check if anyone has a job for me.” I say as I push myself up from my seat.
Idea 12: Persona (Girls from 3, 4 and 5).
(So basically this is just gonna be a fairly interesting idea. My character along with the girls of persona 3, 4 and 5 get stranded in this strange dimension where they have to fight their way out to make it back to their own worlds.)
Starter: It all happened so fast. One minute I was in a team meeting with my group discussing what we should use our newfound powers for next. And the next second, I blinked and I was in some kind of strange room.
One by one more people were added into this room. Some of which were dressed in some elaborate costumes. And I frowned as I looked at each one of them, all of which I didn’t recognize at all and judging by their looks they didn’t recognize me. Although before we managed to introduce ourselves a booming voice broke the silence.
“Welcome all!” The clearly male voice commented. “To the room of my design.” He added on. “I’m sure you’re all confused. And no doubt you’ll want to return back to your homes. However, to do so you’ll need to enter my labyrinth. “Make it to the end and you’ll all return home.” The voice explained.
“Of course, this maze isn’t without its dangers. Enemies, much like you encounter on a regular basis will roam these halls. As well as beasts of my own design far stronger than those… Fear not though for every checkpoint you reach this room will become more furnished with amenities. For now, you simply have beds to rest on.” He said as there was an audible click and the dark room was suddenly lit up. Sure, enough there were rows of beds all lined up one for each person to sleep on.
“When you’re ready to test yourself, step through this door and enter the first level of the labyrinth.” He declared as a large door appeared and opened up in front of them.
For a while nobody said anything, probably all too stunned to even process the information. “So, I’m guessing we’re all persona users given what he just said.” I spoke up. “I guess we should probably start with names and strengths, right?” I questioned the group. “I’m Chris Schwarzer.” I say. “My persona Serapth focuses on ranged combat.” I explained.
Idea 13: Final Fantasy VII (Others can be done).
(So this one will be set in the world of Final Fantasy VII, however if you’re looking to do others, I’m more than happy to do so! But this one will be focused on FF VII, Jessie, Tifa and Aerith are best girls!)
Starter: Midgar. Easy place to find work given you were capable enough. There were a lot of monsters prowling the highways between sectors and a lot of people willing to pay mercenaries to get the job done.
“Hiyah!” I called out as I cleaved my blade through the neck of a monster severing its head from the rest of its body and slaying it instantly. It was a tough fight but I overcame it. I panted a little as my muscles relaxed and I slid my blade back into its sheath. The job I was on was simple, kill the beast and return its head to a barkeep in sector 5. I scooped the beast’s head up into a burlap sack and hoisted it over my shoulder before I headed back to the bar.
By this point I was a rather well-known mercenary by trade. Job’s exterminating monsters were easy to come by and easy enough to complete. Plus, the payout paid for my room and for most of my meals. As I entered the bar I headed up to the counter and placed the bloody burlap sack on the counter. “Got it done.” I say to the barkeep.
The older man, his hair and beard white with age frowned a little and looked at the bag. The blood splatter on the counter… which he had just cleaned was enough to let him know that I was serious and he placed the sack full of gil on the counter.
“Thanks.” I say as I picked up the purse. It was lighter than I expected, but even if it was short I wasn’t about to start an argument. In return to my manners, I got a short grunt back.
“Don’tcha forget about disposin of that thing, I ain’t want it.” He said waving his hand dismissively towards the bag.
“Right, I’ll get on that.” I say as I grabbed the sack.
“An there was a woman lookin for you.” He stated. “Said she’d be waitin for you in buildin next to the orphanage.” He stated.
“Right, thanks.” I said to the man and headed out, disposing quickly of the severed head in the sack before I headed up to the building in question. I frowned as I peered inside. My eyes looking around for any sign of someone out of place. It did seem a little crowded in the building after all. I was about to announce myself when I felt a hand tap my shoulder and turned to see who it was.
Idea 14: The Witcher 3.
(So my character will be a Witcher. (wow!) Saving people, hunting things you know? The family business. Anyway, I’m gonna leave it super open ended for you to come in however you like! If you wanna play a canon character my top two are for sure Ciri and Trist, and OC characters are accepted too!)
Starter: A Werewolf, an odd and rare contract, although I figured it wouldn’t be a hard one. In fact, I figured with my silver blade that the creature would go down rather quickly. Starting the encounter, I was faced with a harsh reality due to my hubris. I started off well enough, however due to my carelessness I was quickly on the backfoot.
The beast roared as it swung its large clawed hand towards me. I had barely managed to roll out of the way of the attack. Probably due to the increasing levels of blood loss resulting in a careless action on my part. A level of confidence quickly pushed down by the fact a handful of open wounds stung at my flanks.
More scars for later given that I make it out of here, although with my silver blade thrown on the other side of the area leaving me with only a steel sword which barely even phases the thing. I had to reach my blade, although with my focus on dodging the attacks it was hard to find an opening to do so.
I raised a hand and cast the igni sign launching flames at the creature who leapt back and I tried my best to make it past the creature only to have to dodge another strike as the beast recovered remarkably fast. “Stubborn bastard, aren’t you?” I questioned a little sourly.
Idea 15: Harry Potter.
(So to keep this one interesting I’m thinking of having it set in an AU where Voldemort and Harry don’t exist. However, there are still dark wizards who are part of a cult around. Defs looking for a Hermionie, Luna or Ginny, you could even have other celebs/ecelebs as teachers or students for this one! Ocs are of course welcome too!)
Starter: Another year at Hogwarts, the last for some; and another year of learning was right around the corner. Although times were not peaceful in the wizarding world. Aurors who were the police of the magical world were going missing or showing up dead.
The ministry not wanting to make a panic kept it fairly under wraps, however some of the families have come forward with the information and rumours abound about what was really happening.
Stepping off the train I sighed a little rubbing my temple where a headache had begun to set in. During the train ride here, I found myself stuck next to a boy who wouldn’t stop going on about the rumours and conspiracy theories.
Glad to be off the train I looked around for a minute lost as to where I needed to go. “I know it’s around here somewhere.” I commented, although my sense of direction was always off. Usually I followed everyone else. But this time it seemed I was one of the last ones off the train.
Closing Words: And that is everything done! If you’ve read this far, I want to give a big thanks! And if you have any questions or suggestions or even criticisms, I’m open to hearing them. I know this was probably a big read so thanks again for your time and I hope to talk to some of you soon! Also I just want to state it again
Currently due to high demand I’m only accepting those people who are willing to play multiple FEMALE characters for a harem. (Sorry if that’s an issue, I still wish you the best!)
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2021.11.28 12:14 Nessuae Shiny Rayquaza for trade. Looking for Shiny Charmander, Shiny Lugia, shiny Lucario

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2021.11.28 12:14 cbvv1992 🔥65% Off Clip Coupon – $13.65 Two Piece Outfits for Women Casual Sweatsuits Sets Loungewear (8 Colors)!!

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2021.11.28 12:14 starforce I don't know everyone is overhyping this blast event.

The fans are absolute trash compare to pgl. The production is better but imo not leaps and bounds better.
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2021.11.28 12:14 PincyHroips $Nether- Just Launched - LP Locked on Deeplock - NFT-Video Game-Weather Swap- Art Battles- BSC Utility Token - Ownership Renounced

Nether Protocol ($Nether) is a community driven DeFi Token with utility on the BSC. Themed around art, creativity, and technology, we provide real use case, but first and foremost it’s a crypto currency that’s looking to expand and grow organically.
$Nether is a hyper deflationary token with utility. We are creating dapps for NFT Thunder, Weather Swap, and Safe Haven Launchpad and a NFT video game. Doxxed team, . 2 Audits Pending, Manual burns, BNB Buy Backs & BNB Giveaways . Marketing Agency Confirmed. $Nether Merch on the way. Art battles & more. Lets Change The Crypto Climate!!
Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion
Tax 13%
LP 4% Marketing 4% Redistribution 5%
Tx Limit 1%
Do not miss out your chance to be an early investor! Don’t be the one to see this post and then come back once it’s mooned! Get in from the very start! We’re here for the Long Run!
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xBFFa55A9fd5817e8eE8057674f9E094081DA544f
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.11.28 12:14 Famous-Principle3241 Synchrobit Miner with No Status Update? My miner isn’t showing online, syncing, or relayed- does anyone know what the issue is?

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2021.11.28 12:14 kingtuckbuffalobill Wife of Chad Read releases video of deadly shooting

Summary. Man shoots girlfriend’s ex husband and kills him because he was there to pick up their son. Shoots him dead on the front porch, In Front of kids and wives.
The shooter (Chad Read) is also married to a judge. A JUDGE! and so the murder obviously disclosed the affair he was having with the victim’s ex wife.
I know all this shit sounds Jerry Springer-ish. But this dude is claiming self defense.
If you watch the video. You can determine.
I assume those who agree that this is self defense, will have a hard time mingling within the dialogue of all of this when it comes to their opinion.
This is a conspiracy for me because this guy has not been arrested yet. And it exposes just about every hole that Texas has in Gun Laws, and a domestic disputes. Texas is known for both in its own controversies.
I suppose this will make it to the media big time soon if nothing happens.
Ultimately I believe this is a false flag and staged. And we can watch it grow. Like those little plastic dinosaurs that you put into water.
Shooter Murders Mistresses’ Ex Husband because they had a kid he wanted to see
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2021.11.28 12:14 lakers4life12 Recently became a huge drake fan

How come no one ever talks about Fire & Desire. That has to be one Drakes best songs ever 😭
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2021.11.28 12:14 sneakyassninja Hello, probably too concerned hermanni owner here

I am new owner of a 3 year old testudo hermanni. When i see videos of other tortoises walking, i can see that they are way faster in comparison. He reacts to a touch on the nose and such, i provide foe him too. Anythin to worry 'bout?
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2021.11.28 12:14 tuxooo When people tell you Kimi does not smile!

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2021.11.28 12:14 Truffle_Shuffle_85 Looking for CPA recommendations, one that is highly knowledgable in cryptocurrency-related tax filings.

The title says it all, looking for some recommendations for a CPA to help with this year's cryptocurrency tax filings. I have some rather complicated elements to analyze with my trading activities so I'm looking for someone who has a good reputation for helping file taxes in this area specifically. Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.28 12:14 solojer123 Fridge in Canada availability?

Any updates on when the fridge will be available to order in Canada, or did I miss the boat?
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2021.11.28 12:14 Cultural-Mechanic485 Is she into me?

I don't know in which sub this belongs so I'm going to post it here.
I (M 18) have a girl in my class that I know for 7 years but never talked to. Recently she started talking to me out of no where and she even talked to me about a boy that knows that she is into him but ignores it and when I later wanted to talk about it with her she started to digress from the subject. But their is evidence against it. The example she used to discribe the situation was completely different and she is honestly out of my league. I'm asking because I never was in a relationship or confessed my feelings to a girl.
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2021.11.28 12:14 FranskStefanMedOst Oblivion NPC aggression

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2021.11.28 12:14 SignificantOne4755 Only 3 INGREDIENTS! Delicious sweet with biscuit recipe in 5 minutes

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