Just dropped Kahlua off for her full-mouth tooth extraction 🥺

2022.01.19 09:53 pizzagirlama Just dropped Kahlua off for her full-mouth tooth extraction 🥺

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2022.01.19 09:53 aglimmerof What is your 'but why tho' ban?

Bans are usually a revolving door of champs we just don't want to or don't have the patience to deal with in the current meta cough Yuumi cough but I can't really be the only one who has that 'pocket' ban of a champion that seems like a total waste of a ban, right?
What is a champ you ban that would make another player go 'but why waste your ban like that'? Why?
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2022.01.19 09:53 mainjames I love it when papa Cohen let’s me bring donuts to the office 💩

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2022.01.19 09:53 ddfhhf4566 What should I do if I'm so horny all the time?

I m a girl I masturbate but what I need is a dick and for my pussy to be pounded. My last bf was probably asexual and never wanted to have sex and he wouldn't even buy condoms. Even when we were together I had to take care of myself cuz he never satisfied me
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2022.01.19 09:53 jubilameya Spanish ape waiting for MOASS, finally approved here!

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2022.01.19 09:53 GroundbreakingLynx14 FIRE & FLOWER announces filing of form 40-F with sec as company prepares for nasdaq listing

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2022.01.19 09:53 Br3cci CRYPTO.COM REFFERAL $2,000 USD

https://crypto.com/exch/a5aptjb5gj EARN UP TO $2,000 USD ON CRYPTO.COM EXCHANGE WHEN YOU STAKE 1,000 CRO
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2022.01.19 09:53 Gary_October Elon knew

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2022.01.19 09:53 MiscountViscount We appreciate you 3s

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2022.01.19 09:53 specialk522 Great to see the pedos of Reddit report my comment.

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2022.01.19 09:53 Sunset149 Searching a game that had a Demon Slayer Collaboration

Hey guys, some time ago I found some videos on Twitter from a game (pretty sure it was a mobile game) that had some Demon Slayer Characters - Tanjiro, Inosuke, Nezuko and Rui.
It was in japanese and I could understand a bit. It was really interesting because Rui and Tanjiro knew it other, so the story was happening after the Natagumo ARC. There was another demon trying to befriend Rui but Rui just betrayed and ignored him, which made Tanjirou angry.
My question is, does anybody know what game that was? Thanks
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2022.01.19 09:53 CesarTheGeezer Myers Has a Request for Survivors

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2022.01.19 09:53 MirraDawnstone342 How do you check in the new guild?

I feel stupid. I've been looking around and I can't check in. There's no checkmark in my check-in box.
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2022.01.19 09:53 Resident-Order Hi there! Anyone have an recommendations for an 80’s music bar/restaurant?

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2022.01.19 09:53 renatalvr Luck. Year 2.

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2022.01.19 09:53 NORDLAN George Conway: Trump 'lied his derrière off' for two months — and the Jan. 6 committee is on it

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2022.01.19 09:53 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.19 09:53 TurbulentScallion880 if you're bored and want to watch fun vlogs, here you go :)

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2022.01.19 09:53 chiai44 What should i do???

Hi all, i am left handed, but i have been playing right handed guitar for around 4 years. Recently my friend said that thats bad andci should play left handed. Is it worth it? Its a bit scary, because of new gear and the learning curve. What is your oppinion about that?
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2022.01.19 09:53 LawnBeetle Why would demigods want to have children? [all]

Ive seen loads of fanart with Percy and Annabeth as adults raising kids but i dont understand why most demigods would want to be parents in the first place
After being hunted for sport and forced to fight in godly wars their entire life i cant imagine wanting my children to go through that as well
Not to mention a lot of pjo/hoo characters were abused or neglected by their own parents and often have no idea what a healthy and loving home is supposed to look like
A lot of real life people i know that come from dysfunctional families would rather not have children than risk treating them the way they were treated by their parents
I finished the series centuries ago so please remind me if something like this is ever mentioned in the books
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2022.01.19 09:53 ilikecatsandpot “Friend” claiming they didn’t receive an instant pay transfer. Shows it went through for me.

Exactly what the title says; any advice is appreciated!!
Not someone extremely trustworthy, she is just saying “oh I don’t know why it’s not showing on my card” and I said it most definitely went through, and sent a screenshot of the clearly completed instant transfer of $27. She has a chime account I’ve sent money to her on SEVERAL times. Same username, same account.
If an instant pay transfer is showing that it went through on my end, I’m sure there is no possible way that it “didn’t go through on her end” when it’s an instant transfer from one chime account to another.
I am 99.9% sure I’m being lied to lmao. But seeing as many issues as people are stating here, I’m actually questioning if this a chime error.
TLDR: Friend claims she did not receive instant transfer when she clearly did. Any chance she is telling the truth before I confront her?
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2022.01.19 09:53 DupeyDraws ICON starts @ 25USD, DM me if you're interested - Check the comments for info

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2022.01.19 09:53 reiji4787 Hrt

Hmm I've posted a decent bit of myself in a few subreddits on here. My question is, would I look better as a person without hrt, or would I look better with it due to my body being well small?
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2022.01.19 09:53 KunziteMoon Hmhmmm This doesn’t look right

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2022.01.19 09:53 Sakkko Got rollback'd in the Leagues. Wow.

Was playing Leagues, having fun, had 30 renown ready for Slayer unlock - connection lost. I try to login again, I'm back at the tutorial. 50 Fishing, 34 thieving and 41 defence. I was 1 def, 18 thieving and 3 fishing when I got disconnected. As soon as I finished the tutorial for the second time, I got dc'd again and now I can't login.
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